How To Get A Duplicate Car Title In Texas

In Texas the process of getting a duplicate title doesn't require a lot of work. The process is short and it can all be accomplished through the mail.

How To Get A Duplicate Car Title In Texas

Sometimes bad things happen. Let's say you're on a cruise ship, and you want to show off your new car but it wouldn't fit on the deck. So what's the next best thing? Your title, obviously.

You start waving it around, and before you know it the wind comes around and snatches it from your hands, ultimately delivering it to the sea in front of your eyes. It's devastating yes, but since you live in Texas you know the process of correcting this error is overall painless.

Here is what you need to do if you lost your car title, or if you need a duplicate because your original has been damaged to the point where it's illegible.

Apply for Lost or Stolen Title Replacement by Mail

In Texas, the process of getting a duplicate title doesn't require a lot of time, or effort or money. You can easily apply by mail and not even set foot in the DMV at all.

Make sure you include the following items in the mail:

  • A completed Application for a Certified Copy of Title, Form VTR-34
  • A copy of the vehicle owner's driver’s license
  • There is a $5.45 fee, plus $2.00 mail-in fee. So write a check for $7.45 payable to TX DMV (cashier's check or money order would work as well)
  • Send everything to TxDMV, 1601 Southwest Parkway, Suite A, Wichita Falls, TX 76302

As processes go, this one is especially nice if you hate going to the DMV. This entire thing can be accomplished by mail and the costs are relatively low.

Other Aspects Of Texas DMV Operation
  • Processing a title takes around 20 business days
  • Texas DMV will correct any errors that were made on the title while filling it out at no charge
Preparing for the Sale
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Texas makes the process of replacing a lost title almost as easy as possible. If you'd prefer to go into the DMV instead of mailing the application in, it'll cost $5.45. You'll save yourself the mail in fee but make sure to block out enough time on your schedule, complete the VTR 34 Form and bring a copy of your driver's license. After that, you're good to go.

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