How to Get A Duplicate Car Title in California

Is your car title lost or stolen? If you need a duplicate title for replacement, the process is straightforward and relatively painless here in California.

How to Get A Duplicate Car Title in California

Sometimes things happen. You move to a different house a few counties away, and suddenly when you want to sell your car you realize in the process of moving your files were misplaced, disorganized, burned or drenched in water and in the fray your car title was victimized.

So what happens if you've lost your car title? Can you get a new one or are you stuck? Don't worry. If your car title is lost or stolen, the process is pretty straightforward to get a duplicate title here in California. If you can discount the fact that you'll need to spend some time at the DMV, it’s relatively painless.

How To Apply For A Duplicate Car Title

In order to obtain a duplicate title in California, you'll need to fill out a form and have your vehicle's information handy.

  • Fill out the Application for a duplicate car title form, also known as Reg 227 from the DMV
  • Registered owner’s full name and address
  • Owner's driver’s license number
  • The vehicle’s license plate number
  • A statement of what happened to the original title and the damaged title itself if applicable
  • $20 fee in check or money order paid to the DMV

You can either submit the completed application in the mail (and skip the line!) or make an appointment at the DMV to hand it over in person.

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