SUVs that Depreciate the Least

KBB continues tradition with handing out awards to the cars with the best resale value. Let's take a look at the SUVs that depreciate the least over time.

SUVs that Depreciate the Least

KBB continues their tradition this year with handing out awards to the cars with the best resale value. There are several categories to choose from, but for now we’re going to look at the most valueable SUVs and SUV depreciation.

A lot of things come into play when it comes to resale value, for instance the brand, color, and condition of the vehicle. However, KBB also provides the estimated overall cost over five years for each vehicle, which can end up much higher than the original price of the vehicle or it can almost even out, which helps determine the resale value. Here we look at the SUVs predicted to have the best resale value. Keep in mind the average depreciation from the first year of ownership to the second is around 35%.

Best Subcompact SUV: Honda HR-V

The second year running, Honda’s HR-V is the subcompact SUV with the best resale value according to KBB. It starts at around $25,000 and hosts roomy seating and a smooth-shifting continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) on top of an optional AWD layout. The car can also provide plenty of space in the back once the rear seats are folded down. KBB gave this car a resale value of 50.7% after three years.

Best Compact SUV: Jeep Wrangler

One of the few cars on this list that isn’t made in Japan, the Jeep Wrangler reigns supreme among the compact SUVs and with a price tag of less than $25,000 it’s going to be hard to beat. It can operate off-road with confidence, it’s quiet and it’s efficient. With its four-wheel drive and rugged construction, the Jeep Wrangler is versatile, and seems to combine the best of both the truck and SUV world. The 2017 Jeep Wrangler has earned a resale value of 60.6% after a period of three years.

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Best Mid-size SUV: Toyota 4Runner

Toyota’s 4Runner is still around and isn’t compromising its style. The 4Runner has a reputation for being rugged, but now the car has become all the more accommodating. Its suspension, tuned for off-roading, handles city streets and potholes with ease. It seats up to 7 passengers comfortably, with optional leather upholstery. While other manufacturers have sacrificed durability for comfort, Toyota seems to have joined the two harmoniously as its 4Runner. KBB gives this car an impressive 64.3% resale value after three years.

Best Full-size SUV: Chevrolet Suburban

Leading the pack of full-size SUVs is the Chevrolet Suburban. The behemoth seats 9 passengers, tows up to 8,300 pounds and carries 121 cu-ft of equipment behind the front seats. It’s got just about every accessory and option available under the sun, and starts at around a modest $54,000. It’s ready for adventure, for cruising and sleeping in, and it’s won KBB’s most valuable full-size SUV with a resale value of 54% after three years.

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