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How to Price Your Car for Sale
Setting the right price to sell your car is both a science and an art. Let's take a look at what tools you can use to determine the right price.
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How to Sell Your Car
How To Sell
The Ultimate Guide to Sell Your Used Car
How do you get it ready to sell? What do you do when someone comes to look at it? Instamotor is here to walk you through the steps it takes to get your old car out the door.
How to Prep Your Car for Sale
Get your car ready to sell fast with some tips to get it out of the driveway and into a new home.
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When is the Best Time to Sell Your Used Car?
We all know that the value of a new car drops like a rock the moment you drive it off the lot. In fact, most lose upwards of 20% within the first year according to Edmunds.
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How To Close The Deal When Selling Your Car
You've got a buyer for your car, but they might be on the fence. What can you do to mitigate their concerns and close the deal quickly?
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How To Accept Payment When Selling Your Car
It’s a good day when you sell your car. It’s been listed on Instamotor for weeks, and now someone is going to pay you for it. How should you accept payment?
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How to donate your car to charity?
If you have a car you want to get rid of, donating it to a charity may be an option, and you might even be able to use it as a tax deduction.
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Is it legal to sell a car with recalls?
Recalls happen to a lot of cars, and it’s more common than you think. If your car has an open recall, we recommend getting it fixed before you finalize your sale.
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Can you sell a leased car?
If you change cars like toothpaste you may have chosen to lease a car instead of buying one. You aren't bound to this and you can get out of it if you want.
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How to sell your salvage title car?
If you're worried about getting stuck with your salvage title vehicle, don't. There are many options available for you to find the right buyer.
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How can you sell your car for parts?
To sell your car for parts, or parting out a car means selling individual parts of a car instead of selling it as a whole. Here are a few ways to do this.
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How to Sell Your Car
How to Take the Best Photos of Your Car
Listings with more than five photos and including a photo of the center console sell more quickly than those with less than 5 photos. Follow our tips to make your 5 photos top notch.
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Selling A Discontinued Car
A discontinued car is no longer being made. What happens to those people who want to sell their Saab or Mercury? Is it even possible?
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Should You Sell Your Dieselgate Car?
VW is offering to buy back the cheating vehicles or offer restitution and a fix if you’d prefer to it. If your car was affected by the emissions scandal, is this the right time to sell?
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Follow our guide to take better photos, and tips on how to write a compelling description to attract more buyers for your car!

Negotiating with a Used Car Dealer

What You Must Know
How to negotiate with a used car dealer
Dealerships can be intimidating places, but they don't need to be. Be prepared and you will gain leverage which is what the negotiation is all about.
How much do you lose at dealer trade-in
Dealers and appraisers are taught to low ball you on a trade-in offer. Let's explore the why's so you can be better prepared when you negotiate.
Comparing trade-in vs selling your car privately
Should you try a dealer? What if the dealer lowballs you? What about selling it privately? How much of a hassle is it? Let us help you understand your selling options.
How to sell your car if you still have payments left
You can easily get rid of your gently used car with a few payments left on it without having to mortgage your apartment or sell off members of your family.
Process and Paperwork
What documents do you need to sell a car?
Completing a Bill of Sale in California
How to get a duplicate car title in California
Smog your car before you sell it in California
All the required paperwork to sell your car in Texas
How to replace your lost title in Texas
Do you need to pass smog in Texas?

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