Best Way to Sell Your Car Yourself

Selling a car at a dealership is more convenient than selling privately, but that comes at a cost. Sell it yourself and earn thousands more.

Want to sell your car? List your car for sale with a free ad on Instamotor.

Sell Your Car Fast. Your Way.

How to create a compelling car ad that sells your car quickly? What documents do you need to complete the sale? Selling your car online should be safe and easy—we're here to help.

Understand Your Selling Options

Should you try a dealer? What if the dealer lowballs you? What about selling it privately? How much of a hassle is it? Let us help you understand your selling options.

6 Things To Help You to Sell Your Car Quickly

We examined 1,000 private party vehicle listings—the best ones that sell the fastest have some key pieces of information that set them apart from the rest.

How to Sell Your Car When You Still Have Payment Left

You can easily get rid of your gently used car with a few payments left on it without having to mortgage your apartment or sell off members of your family.

Best Practices for Selling Your Car

How to Take The Best Photos of Your Car

Listings with more than 5 photos, including an interior photo of the center console sell more quickly than those with less. Follow our photo tips to improve your ad.

All the Paperwork You Need to Sell Your Car

A list of documents you'll need for selling your car. Keep in mind that each state has different requirements, so always check with your local DMV.

Conducting a Safe Transaction in a Private Party Sale

How should you accept payment? What should you watch out for? Follow our tips to mitigate the risk of your sale.

How Color Affects Your Car's Selling Price

Color can affect resale price both negatively and positively. Neutral colors are usually safer bet in general.

How Much Do You Lose at Dealer Trade-in

Most consumers don't really know how to negotiate on their trade-in, while dealerships and appraisers are often taught to low-ball the offers.

Seller Pitfalls: What Not To Do

Recommendations and tips on what you shouldn't do if you really want to sell your car quickly.