The Weirdest Driving Laws in All 50 States

Many of the laws related to driving are based on ancient rulings, and there are some truly outrageous (not to mention outdated) ones.

The Weirdest Driving Laws in All 50 States

Traffic tickets are big business. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and no one knows for sure how many traffic tickets are issued. Not including traffic tickets it’s estimated that between 25 to 50 million traffic tickets are issued every year according to the National Motorists Association.

Many of the laws related to driving are based on ancient rulings. J & S Transport did a deep dive into some of these laws and uncovered some truly outrageous ones. They do mention that some are not actively upheld, but are still technically on the books.

Alabama: You cannot drive around impersonating a clergy member

Alaska: You cannot tie your pet dog to the roof of a car* (That's not the right way to treat your pooch anyway)

Arizona: Pedestrians are banned from hitting crosswalk buttons just to stop traffic

Arkansas: You cannot start or stop your car loudly in a drive-in restaurant*

California: You can get a ticket for driving too slow

Colorado: It is illegal to throw missiles at cars*

Connecticut: You cannot hunt from the highway

Delaware: You cannot change clothes inside your vehicle*

Florida: You cannot park in the middle of an intersection

Georgia: You cannot honk at a fair

Hawaii: All passengers must have seat belts, but somehow riding in the back of a pickup untethered is legal*

Idaho: You can’t drive a bike onto a tennis court*

Illinois: No driving with hanging dice or air fresheners

Indiana: You may not enter or exit a car in motion*

Iowa: You cannot use a deceased person’s handicap sign

Kansas: You cannot screech your tires while driving*

Kentucky: Dogs cannot molest cars* (and we wonder what happened to the poor car that was molested by dogs)

Louisiana: Taxi drivers cannot make love in the front seat during a shift

Maine: It is illegal to park in front of Dunkin Donuts* (clearly they love donuts a little too much)

Maryland: It is illegal to swear on the highway*

Massachusetts: It is illegal to drive with a gorilla

Michigan: No cars can be sold on Sunday

Minnesota: Driving a truck with dirty tires is a public nuisance*

Mississippi: It is illegal to have a flamethrower attached to your car (Sounds dangerous, but kind of rad. Is there a Youtube clip of anyone doing this before? If you find one, please share it in the comments)

Missouri: It is illegal to drive with an uncaged bear in your car (Just in case the bear is an angry backseat driver)

Montana: You cannot drive an animal onto train tracks with the intent of hurting the train

Nebraska: Must drive near right edge of highway on mountains (… but there are no mountains)

Nevada: It is legal to ride a camel on the highway

New Hampshire: It is illegal to stop on the median to let ducklings pass

New Jersey: You must honk before passing a skateboarder

New Mexico: It is illegal for women to pump their own gas or change their own flat tires (Time for this to change don't you think?)

New York: It is illegal to disrobe in a car*

North Carolina: It is illegal to drive through cemeteries just for fun*

North Dakota: If your car is in a parade, you cannot throw candy from it*

Ohio: You cannot drive Powerwheels in the road*

Oklahoma: No reading comic books while driving (The Marvel Universe can wait, ok?)

Oregon: You cannot footrace a car

Pennsylvania: You have to take apart your car and hide it from horses if they appear scared of it (Wait what?)

Rhode Island: You can’t drive with an unopened beer*

South Carolina: It is illegal to store trash in your vehicle*

South Dakota: There is no legal minimum age for driving a motorcycle off-road

Tennessee: It is illegal to place tracks on the highway

Texas: No windshield required for inspection, just wipers

Utah: Birds have the right of way on the highway

Vermont: Billboards are illegal

Virginia: You can’t let anyone have sex in your car

Washington State: Legislators can’t get speeding tickets during legislation sessions

West Virginia: If you drive by roadkill, you can take it home for supper

Wisconsin: You can’t sit in another person’s parked car without permission*

Wyoming: You can get a driver’s license at age 14

*Not a statewide law

Always double check with your state’s DMV for the latest on all the laws.

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