Credit Application Disclosures & Terms

For the statements below, “I” refers to each applicant.

I am making a credit application to instamotor LLC. I am providing information to instamotor LLC for that purpose and certify that the information provided in my credit application, in any documents related to the credit application and throughout this online process, is complete, true and correct.

I authorize instamotor LLC to make inquiries for the purpose of evaluating and verifying the information contained in the credit application, including obtaining hard-inquiry credit reports, employment history, contacting my employer. I authorize any person, including but not limited to credit reporting agencies, to furnish such information or respond to instamotor’s inquiries.

In the disclosures below, “you” and “your” refers to each applicant; and “our,” “we,” and “us” refers to instamotor LLC.


To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to notify applicants that they will obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who applies for credit.

What this means to you: When you apply for credit, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask for identifying documents in order to verify this information.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: If married, you may apply for a separate account.

Communication Consent

I agree that instamotor LLC (including its affiliates, agents, and service providers) may contact me using written, electronic or verbal means, as allowed by law, in connection with my loan application, or my loan. I consent to being contacted at the phone numbers I have, or will, provide to instamotor LLC, including my cellular phone number, using a live caller, an automated dialer, an artificial pre-recorded voice or text messages, even if my phone numbers are included in a do-not-call list or registry. I consent to be contacted by e-mail at the e-mail address I have, or will, provide to instamotor LLC.

Electronic Document Consent

CONSENT AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT. By agreeing to this Electronic Document Consent, I consent to (1) receiving documents such as the loan agreement and servicing notices electronically, including documents that instamotor LLC would otherwise be required by law to give me in writing, such as disclosures, including privacy notices ("Documents"), (2) conducting transactions in electronic form, and (3) using electronic signatures in my relationship with you.

I acknowledge that: (1) I can access, read, and print this Electronic Document Consent; (2) I can access and receive documents electronically, including email messages sent to my provided email address; (3) I can retain and/or print the documents you send me electronically; and (3) my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my written signature, just as if I had signed a paper document.

I will not be able to submit an online loan application unless I agree to this Electronic Document Consent.

Hardware and Software Requirements. To access the Documents, I will need a working email address, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and a personal computer or other access device that can access the Internet using a web browser. To retain the Documents, my personal computer or access device must allow me to download and save Documents to my hard drive or external storage media, print web pages as well as embedded HTML files, or both. I can save and/or print this page to be sure I have the necessary hardware and software. It is my responsibility to keep my email address updated with you for purposes of receiving Documents.

Withdrawing Consent. I may withdraw my consent to receive Documents electronically at any time by contacting instamotor LLC by telephone at 1-888-909-3608. If I withdraw my consent prior to the funding of my loan, the loan application process will be terminated. If I decide to withdraw my consent, any Document previously provided as an electronic Document will remain valid, enforceable, sufficient for its intended purpose, and unaffected by the withdrawal of my consent.

Copies. If I wish to obtain a paper copy of any of the Documents, you may print or download them directly to your computer.

Updating My Contact Information. I can update my e-mail address or mailing address by logging into instamotor’s website or by telephone at 1-888-909-3608.

Please print and retain a copy of this agreement for your records.