All About Pirelli Tires

As the sole tire supplier to F1 and FIM Superbike World Championship, Pirelli has cemented itself as a world leader in performance tire manufacturing.

All About Pirelli Tires

Founded in Italy, Pirelli is one of the most prestigious tire manufacturers on the planet. It is the sole tire supplier of some top tier motorsports, including Formula 1 and FIM Superbike World Championship. Pirelli has a tendency to produce quality tires that provide exceptional performance on the street and on the track, for cars and motorcycles.

Pirelli P Zero

One of Pirelli’s summer only tires for cars is the P Zero, and there are multiple variations. The Corsa and Corsa System are both street-able track tires, although some customers are reporting that they have a hard time heating up and thus providing adequate traction. Be that as it may, Pirelli advertises the Corsa and Corsa System as having superior performance on a dry track, but can hold their own in the wet. They will not, however, last very long.

Pirelli’s P Zero is a giant in the world of performance tires. It boasts superior dry, wet, and sport performance, and even can provide some decent mileage. One thing that people don’t seem to care for is how long the tire lasts, but frankly that’s normal for a performance tire. It’s not a horrifically priced tire either, where a 225/45R17 only costs $126 each.

The P Zero Rosso however didn’t score as well among its peers. The tire reportedly provides decent wet and dry performance but abysmal tread life. Probably not something you want in a tire that can cost as much as $450. One of the best summer tires available is the P Zero Nero GT, scoring highly in every category. Pirelli advertises it as having exceptional dry and wet weather performance while providing decent comfort and very good gas mileage. An all around great tire.

Pirellli Cinturato

Pirelli’s Cinturato is its first attempt at what it’s calling a “Green Performance” tire. It’s proving to be a bit of a rough start, as customers are reporting great wet and dry performance, but somewhat dwindling tread life. Overall, the tire is considered great and as it’s more geared towards touring performance rather than out-and-out speed, the Cinturato has more applications.

There are multiple variations of the Cinturato built for different purposes. The Cinturato P7, P7 Blue, and P1 Verde are all classified as summer tires, with all season versions of the Cinturato and Cinturato Verde, and a winter version as well.

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Pirelli Scorpion

Pirelli’s Scorpion tire is more for all-season applications. The Scorpion Verde is Pirelli’s Green SUV/Crossover tire and is rated for all-season performance. However according to customer reviews the Scorpion Verde doesn’t perform as well in the winter and snow. It also suffers a bit with treadwear. There is a better rated summer only version of the Scorpion Verde as well.

For an off road SUV tire Pirelli offers the Scorpion ATR, rated as an all terrain tire. Pirelli shows it as a somewhat mediocre tire, with an obvious emphasis on off road capability and mileage. Customers seem to enjoy the ATR, however, praising it for wet and dry performance, comfort and tread life.

Pirelli also makes an all season performance tire for SUVs, called the Scorpion Zero Assimetrico. Unfortunately, however, the Assimetrico seems to be a mediocre tire at best. It seems to do well in dry weather, even in the wet, but not in winter or snow conditions. Tread wear Is average. There is also a version of the Scorpion for ice and snow weather applications.

Pirelli SottoZero

Pirelli’s high end winter tire is the SottoZero. There are a few versions including the SottoZero 3 and SottoZero Serie II, the latter of which appears to be the very pinnacle of winter tires. It provides excellent performance in every category, and the SottoZero 3 is even better. The 3 exhibits exceptional performance in the wet, and scores similar to the Serie II in every other category. Both SottoZero tires are rated for winter touring in a car.

Pirelli Ice Zero

Pirelli makes a studded winter tire called the Ice Zero. Studed tires are effective for cutting through ice, however they are quite loud and can damage the road. There are studdless ice tires by other tire manufacturers, so Pirelli’s archaic ice tire might not be the best way to go, unless you consider Pirelli's studless Scorpion option. It does well in sport, is a comfortable tire and cuts through snow, ice and sludge.

Pirelli certainly seems to be a more performance oriented tire company, where even the “green” environmentally friendly tires are made to outperform other tires. Some Pirelli tires heat up quickly, so the rubber takes less time to get more grippy. Since Pirelli seems to be more geared towards performance, it might be the best choice of tire for the spirited commuter.

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