A Guide to Goodyear Tires

Advanced, grippy, affordable are just some words to describe what Goodyear has to offer for the final point of contact between your car and the road.

A Guide to Goodyear Tires

Earning the #3 spot on the list of best selling tire brands is Goodyear, based in Akron, Ohio. About as well-known as possible in North America, Goodyear is also known around the world for its technology, competitive spirit as the sole supplier of three NASCAR series, and its blimps which shadow the many thousands of fans that crowd sports stadiums throughout the year. Goodyear tires are certainly of very high quality, and at surprisingly affordable prices. Failing to find the right Goodyear tire for your car is an impossible task.

Car/Minivan Tires

Goodyear Assurance

Seasoned to the Goodyear lineup is the Assurance. It starts at about $120 per tire, which sounds steep, but that gets you a tire that provides reliable traction in the winter, a comfortable ride and good handling. One of the best features of the Assurance tire is that it comes in many different forms for nearly every kind of application.

The best of these tires, according to customer reviews appears to be the Assurance ComforTread Touring. It’s rated for all-season, has a warranty of 80,000 miles and costs about $120 per tire for size 205/55R16.

Goodyear Eagle

For some of the best performance tires on the market look no farther than the Goodyear Eagle series. There are multiple compounds available, so choosing the correct one for you can be challenging, but one thing you can be sure about is that the Eagle is built for sport performance.

Some Eagle tires are classified as all-season, while others are run-flats, which means they are designed to keep going even after a puncture. Be aware that even if you’re on run-flats, it doesn’t mean that in the event of a puncture you can’t finish your journey across the country.

According to reviews, the Eagle Sport All-Season is the best of them. This tire starts at around $109 per tire for a 205/55/R16, has a speed rating of V (149 MPH), and has a load index of 1356 pounds. While ride comfort and winter traction aren’t this tire’s strong points, you can bet you’ll be satisfied with the handling and traction.

Car Maintenance

SUV/Truck Tires

Ultra Grip

Primarily for winter use, Goodyear makes the Ultra Grip line, though some Ultra Grip compounds are made for cars and minivans. There are only two different compounds, the Ultra Grip Ice WRT and Ultra Grip SUV ROF, the best of which according to reviews appears to be the Ultra Grip Ice WRT. Starting at $150 per tire, the Ice WRT has a speed rating of S (112 MPH) and a load index of 1929 pounds. These numbers suggest this tire is meant for heavier vehicles at low speeds, like you’d want in the snow.

Goodyear Wrangler

For tackling all kinds of terrain, Goodyear produces the Wrangler line. It’s an all-season tire, and most of its compounds are meant for all-terrain. Some are aimed to be for the more gas mileage-conscious crowd, which is good for the families that take lots of trips to the snow, or lumberjacks that must travel across several counties into the mountains.

The highest-rated of these tires is the All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar. It starts at $176 per tire, and is supposedly Goodyear’s most rugged, versatile tire. It can work with everyday driving and going off-road. It’s got a speed rating of T (118 MPH) and a load index of 2094 pounds, which means a set of tires is rated to hold more than 8,000 pounds. That’s enough to tow some boats up a mountain with your Honda Pilot.

Goodyear is one of the best tires for a reason. It could come down to the fact that it’s been around since the late 19th century, or that they participate in NASCAR, SCCA events and NHRA drag racing. The simple fact is while a Goodyear tire might not have the same prestige as a Bridgestone or Michelin, it still offers a competitive tire, almost making it the underdog.

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