Best Car Wax

Comparing all the top rated car wax options to help you keep your ride nice and shiny.

Best Car Wax

If you’re the sort of person who is interested in keeping their car looking as pretty as possible, you’re probably looking for the end-all-be-all wax compound, blessed by the wax gods endorsed by Santa Claus. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist, as wax compounds are about as fickle as the people who use them. Waxing takes about as much prep as the application itself, so be sure to read the instructions top to bottom, backwards and from the inside of the bottle, if it’s clear plastic. We narrowed down the options and here are some of the top rated ones from Amazon.

Waterless Car Wash Wax

It is one of the the highest rated wax on Amazon, the Waterless Car Wash Wax from Aero Cosmetics. It’s rated at 5 stars and costs $37 for a gallon jug, comes with some towels and a spray bottle which is cheaper than what you normally pay for what you get when it comes to buying a wax.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

Another highly rated wax is Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax, rated at 4.5 stars costing about $17. This is also a kit that comes with a towel and pad for application. This contains synthetic materials, which help with durability but deviate from natural Carnauba wax which is present in most car waxes. Carnauba comes from Brazilian palm trees and is what provides the glossy shine.

Liquid Glass

Another product that’s 5 stars on Amazon is called Liquid Glass from Liquid Glass. It’s got almost 1,000 reviews, and isn’t made from wax. Despite its high rating users have reported that the wax is “impossible” to remove from plastic parts, so handle with care.

Best Wax for Black Cars

Depending on the color of your car, the wax you choose may be easier or more difficult to apply and take off. For instance waxing a black car could require more effort, because the scratches are easier to see as opposed to a white car where the scratches are less noticeable. When waxing a black car it’s important to choose a wax that produces a great shine, which means you’d want a wax that’s carnauba based. It’ll be more effective at getting scratches out of your black car.

Best Wax for White Cars

On the flip side everything shows up on a white car like dust, dirt, brake dust etc whereas on a black car it’s more difficult to see. For a white car, it’s more important to properly prepare the car for the waxing than the kind of wax you use, so get a thorough wash for your car first. There are waxes out there that claim to be specific for white cars, such as Meguiar’s White Wax and Chemical Guy’s White Wax. Both have decent reviews with over 4 star ratings on Amazon.

Whichever kind of wax you decide to go with, remember that waxing a car is a process that, if executed properly, pays off in spades. So be sure to look up a guide for how to wax your color, and follow each step down to the punctuation, and you’ll be using your car as a mirror in no time.

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