Best Car Vacuum

Whether you're looking for something light to keep in your car, or something more heavy duty for deep cleaning, we got you covered on the best car vacuum to get for different needs.

Best Car Vacuum

Hopefully, if you spill something in your car you have the wherewithal to clean it up immediately before your car is invaded by ants or whatever other kinds of bugs you might attract. If you are that kind of person, you should probably invest in a vacuum cleaner that you can keep in your car, for those emergency spills. For deep cleaning at home, you’ll want something more heavy duty. We’re going to go through both options.

RETECK Portable Handheld Car Vacuum

When it comes to vacuums to keep in your car for emergencies, the RETECK is a solid choice. It's smooth, has metal parts inside, is meant to clean wet and dry substances, has attachments, and it has a cigarette lighter plug so you can use your car to power it. Plus, it’s got a 14-foot power cable so you can reach just about anywhere in your car. The RETECK is 16 inches long so you won’t be able to keep it in your glove box or center console, but it’ll fit comfortably in the trunk with no problems. Think about all the times you’ve spilt sunflower seeds or bread crumbs while driving, and your neurotic tendencies compelled you to pull over and clean it up, but weren’t able to because you didn’t have the RETECK? All that can come to an affordable and swift end.

Vacmaster Shop Vac

For the deep cleaning out of the comfort of your own home, you can’t overlook the power of a shop vac. Enter the Vacmaster, an electric 5hp 12-gallon vacuum. It’s got a 7-foot hose and 12-ft power cord, several attachments including one for cars, a drain port for when you vacuum up liquids (which this vacuum is capable of), 2 year warranty, and the top even detaches into a blower for those days you need to clean the leaves off of your driveway. That blower pushes air at 210 mph. You can’t go wrong with the Vacmaster. Heavy duty, durable, and totally overkill, the Vacmaster has got you covered.

Of course, there are other crazy options out there, but these two fit the purposes of car cleaning well while still being affordable.

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