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What Does It Mean When A Car Is Totaled
After your car has been in a crash, an insurance agent tells you it's totaled, but what does that mean? What are your options from there?
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When Does An Airbag Deploy
Curious about when an airbag deploys or what happens to your car after the deployment? Here's why it is important to know whether a used car's airbag has been deployed.
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How To Value A Salvage Title Car
Before you buy a salvage title vehicle, you can use a simple method to calculate how much it's worth involving the market value and your insurance company's value percentage.
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What is Frame Damage
Also known as structural damage, frame damage is when the vehicle structural integrity is damaged from an accident. I
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What is a Rebuilt Title
A rebuilt title is issued when a salvage title car gets repaired, and fully inspected where it is deemed safe to be back on the road again.
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Flooded Cars: How To Spot Them And Avoid Them
Often, within weeks or months after big floods, the cars that were submerged start popping up on used car sales sites. That’s why buyers need to be aware.
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Why You Shouldn't Buy A Salvage Title Car
A salvage title car may save you thousands up front, but it could be a total waste of money, too. Here are 5 reasons you should never buy a salvage title car.
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What is a Salvage Title Vehicle?
When shopping on sites like Craigslist, it's not guaranteed that the vehicle has a "clean" title. So what is a salvage title vehicle?
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How to Detect Flood Damage on Vehicles
The most recent floods in Texas have devastated the region. In the weeks and months following a natural disaster car buyers need to be cautious of damaged vehicles on the market.
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