How to Verify Cashier's Checks

Selling your car in private party? Cashier's Check is one of the most common form of payment. Learn how to verify the check and protect your transaction.

How to Verify Cashier's Checks

When you buy a vehicle through a private party the most common form of payment is a cashier’s check. Cashier’s checks are not exempt from fraud. It’s important to protect yourself and verify the payment before handing over your keys.

Consumer Reports Recommends the following:

Don’t blindly accept checks: don’t automatically assume because it’s a cashier’s check, bank check or money order that it’s legitimate.

Verify with the issuing bank: Contact the issuing financial institution to verify – don’t use the phone number printed on the check, it may be fake – instead look up the bank’s phone number and speak to a teller. Verify the check amount and the number match the bank’s records.

As a seller it’s best if the buyer gets the check at a local bank or one with a local branch and then you can call or visit in person to verify.

Always protect yourself and make double check to make sure the transaction is a legitimate one.

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