Why You Should Consider Buying a Car End of the Year

You can find some fantastic deals in the week between Christmas and New Years. We're here to help you understand why now is the right time to buy a car and how to hunt down the best deals.

The end of the year is upon us. The holiday hustle and bustle is past and we’ve entered into the period when retailers and car dealers alike slash prices to move inventory and make way for brand new items on their showroom floors. If you can unstick yourself from the couch or detach yourself from another helping of holiday pie to do a little bit of savvy shopping you can find some fantastic deals in the week between Christmas and New Years. We here at Instamotor want to help you understand why now is the right time to buy and what you can do to hunt down the best deals for your hard earned cash.

Reasons to Buy a Car During End of the Year

First, there’s the weather. You know the lyrics to the popular Christmas song, right? “The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…” That is largely the exact sentiment that a majority of folks feel during the holidays. That means that getting out of the house to go car shopping is a much bigger production than most people can muster. Dealers and private sellers have to work much harder to entice people to venture out to come and see their new and used cars, and they do that by offering up good deals.

The other aspect that makes this time of year particularly appealing to go out and get a new or used car is that many people have already spent up their hard earned cash on holiday gifts. That means that there are fewer buyers who can afford to go out and buy new or used cars, which means that the dealers and sellers are more likely to want to negotiate prices.

Third, dealers are trying to clear out this year’s inventory to make way for the new 2017 and even 2018 models that are on their way to their showrooms. So if you walk into a showroom and show interest in a 2016 model, the dealers are likely to be willing to do some wheeling and dealing to get you into a model they want to move off the floor.

In addition to the fact that they want to clear their showrooms for new things, dealers and sellers are likely to want to try and hit their sales goals or get their vehicle sold before the end of the year and the close of books. That means that if they have vehicles they need to move, they are more likely to give better deals just to hit their sales numbers. This year in particular is a pretty good year to purchase a car between Christmas and New Years since dealers will keep their books open until Tuesday, January 3 because the New Year falls on a weekend.

Buying Tips

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