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Why You Should Seriously Consider Buying a Car End of the year
You can find some fantastic deals in the week between Christmas and New Years. We're here to help you understand why now is the right time to buy a car and how to hunt down the best deals.
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That New Car Smell is Actually Bad For You
Everyone loves that new car smell...but once you know what makes that new car smell you may change your mind.
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11 Car Buying Myths Busted
Buying a car isn't rocket science, and it shouldn't feel like it, either. We're dispelling the many myths about buying cars that are out there, one at a time.
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What Matters More — Age or Mileage?
The ultimate debate in your used car search. Should you get a a newer model year with more miles or an older car with less miles? Let's break it down.
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Dilemma of the Day: Buy New or Fix Old?
Car ownership is like any other relationship. There comes a tipping point in every owner’s life when it becomes my way or the highway. How do you make that decision?
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Using Your Tax Refund to Buy a New Car? Consider This
There are a few things you should know about buying a used car around tax refund time before plunking down your hard earned cash.
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Clues It’s Time For A New Car
Eventually, the time comes when your trusty steed has to be sent out to pasture. This is a new car intervention, so take a seat and stay awhile.
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Older Car With Low Miles, Or Newer Car With High Miles: Which Is Best?
Should you buy an older car that hasn’t seen too many miles, or should you opt for a newer model that’s been around the block a few hundred thousand times?
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What to do if Your Used Car is Recalled
Dealerships are legally required to do the recall maintenance for free when under an active recall—whether you bought the car from them or not.
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Benefits of Buying a Used Car
When it comes to buying a car there are some money-saving reasons to consider a used car instead of buying it brand new.
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