The Best Indoor And Outdoor Car Covers

If you want to preserve your car's pristine paint job it's going to need protection of some kind, whether it's inside a garage or out in the open.

The Best Indoor And Outdoor Car Covers

Your brand new Corvette won’t have a clear coat for very long if you leave it outside unprotected. You’ll need either a garage or a car cover, or preferably both but if you can’t afford a garage at this moment then the latter is a better option. Clear coat is a layer on top of your car’s paint meant to shield it from harmful circumstances, because painting a car is expensive and a good clear coat goes a long way to protecting it. That said there are ways a clear coat can be damaged by the elements.

For instance long exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause damage, along with cold weather especially snow. Regularly applying wax and using a car cover, as well as keeping it garaged can help to prolong the clear coat’s life. Even if you keep your car garaged at all times, covering it is still a good idea as dust and moisture can still get to the car.

The idea is to keep your car as dry as possible at all times. While many companies that manufacture car covers offer universal sizes, it’s important to wrap your car as tight as possible and if that can’t be achieved with a universal cover then go for a more form-fitting design.

Outdoor car covers

If you’re storing your car in the outdoors only, and for long periods of time you’ll need protection against a lot of things like the rain (or snow), dust or pollen, the sun, animals and objects (newspapers, rocks etc). In other words you’ll need something more robust than simply an indoor car cover.

Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard

For an outdoor universal car cover, Leader Accessories offers the Xtreme Guard. It comes in different sizes, is waterproof and designed for outdoor usage.

The material on the inside is soft cotton, so as not to scratch your car’s paint, and the weave is designed to allow water and moisture to evaporate with ease.

It also has a layer of UV protective film, so the sun won’t damage your car’s paint. The Xtreme Guard goes for around $42, for the 200-inches length.

OxGord Solar/Executive

There are a wide range of products available from OxGord, and each one offers a different level of protection across multiple sizes, from $140 to $265. The lowest, or cheapest model is the OxGord Solar, which in a size 2XL costs $140. Solar is an outdoor cover that is sun proof, UV reflective and water resistant, and is made of polyester.

The most expensive, or highest level of protection OxGord has to offer is its executive line, which boasts 7 layers of protection, is water and storm proof and made mostly of polypropylene, a highly heat resistant plastic. The MSRP from OxGord’s website goes as high as $265.


Incorporating the prestige of Rust-Oleum and NeverWet technology, the Plus Budge car cover starts at $195. For all of that money you get 7-layer protection providing total waterproof protection. The exterior of the Plus is designed to bead water and moisture and then allow the beads of water to roll off.

Not only does the Plus provide protection against water, but it also protects against snow, dirt, mud, tree sap and bird droppings. It’s made from polyester and is tear-resistant, and has a soft layer underneath so as not to damage your car’s paint.

Best Car Accessories

If you’re very serious about car cover protection, go with Covercraft. This company has been around since 1965 and offers impressive custom protection for just about any application, including the interior of a convertible when its top is down.

For basic outdoor protection, go for the Wolf Semi-Custom Block-it which is technically a universal fit since it fits multiple vehicles. However, before you buy one you must select the car you have in order to pick the appropriate size. The Semi-Custom offers three layers of film protection, with small holes designed to stop water but allow heat to escape. The Semi-Custom starts at around $140.

For the best that Covercraft has to offer, go with the Block-It Evolution. This cover offers 4 layer protection against water, the sun and even physical damage, starting at $242. For maximum protection against all of the elements though, go with the WeatherShield HD, which starts at almost $550.

Indoor Car Covers

With storing a car inside a garage or a storage facility, you don’t need to go all out like you would for storing outdoors. An indoor cover really just needs to protect your car from moisture and dust.

Leader Accessories Xtreme Protector

Any indoor cover by Leader Accessories will work for the outdoors (short term) as well, so you really can’t go wrong especially when it comes to the price. Any cover Leader Accessories offers for indoor use is less than $100 and has five layers of protection. The Xtreme Protector has double stitched seams for durability. It only costs about $40.

OxGord Economy

For indoor usage OxGord offers a car cover called the Economy. It has two layers of protection from dust, light debris and sunlight. The slight problem with the Economy is it might not protect against moisture as well as the more expensive Signature or Executive models, and with the Economy starting at around $136, and the Signature at $147, it’s tough to justify. The Signature offers full waterproof protection though, and it might be a bit overkill.

Budge Lite

Certainly one of the most affordable options for an indoor car cover that still gets the job done is the Budge Lite. It offers a single layer of protection, but does so against dust and debris, and is made out of Polypropylene which allows the car surface to breathe, allowing moisture to escape. The Budge Lite is around $30, which makes it one of the cheapest covers available that protects against mildew and dust.

Covercraft Dustop

As you’d expect, the most expensive and best cover to use on your car indoors is the Covercraft Dustop. It protects against dust, dings, provides a soft touch and offers maximum breathability. It does everything an indoor car cover should do, and to the best ability that a car cover can offer. The downside is the Dustop’s price point lands at an astronomical value, around $258.

Shop around for your car cover. It can be custom fit or universal, just as long as it covers your car and protects against the environment it spends most of its time in.

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