Safety 1st Car Seat Guide

With hundreds of options to choose from, Safety 1st is sure to have the right seat for you and your child, and at extraordinarily affordable prices.

Safety 1st Car Seat Guide

Lightweight, safe and extraordinarily cheap is a tough combination to beat. Safety 1st found this formula and does well to provide plenty of options for parents looking for car seats, and not just options but plenty of single purpose seats as well.

Safety 1st Infant Car Seats

There are more than 100 different car seats made by Safety 1st, and the good news is the most expensive one doesn’t come close in price to other manufacturers like Britax and RECARO. Safety 1st offers an infant car seat called the Light ’N Comfy Elite for just $80.

It’s very light, basic and covers most of the bases. The Elite accommodates infants weighing from 4-22 pounds, has side impact protection and inserts to keep the child snug.

At the other end of the spectrum is the onBoard 35 Air 360. At $170 the onBoard holds children weighing from 4-35 pounds and offers five layers of safety:

  • Air Protect side impact protection
  • GCell HX race car foam for absorbing energy in a crash
  • Reinforced handle
  • Deep seat structure (said to shield the child)
  • Soft foam for comfort

The onBoard has been crash tested from every angle including front, rear and side impact, and has even been rollover tested. Additionally the onBoard comes with more leg room, a 5-point harness and exceeds federal safety standards.

Safety 1st Convertible Car Seats

For convertible car seats, start from the bottom and work your way up to what you want. In this case, the bottom begins with the Safety 1st Guide 65, which is $80. Its rear-facing configuration holds up to 40 pounds while in the front facing position it can hold up to 65 pounds. Additionally the Guide comes with side impact protection, an adjustable headrest, and is small enough to fit three wide in most cars.

Alternatively you could go with the UltraMax Air 360, which is technically a 4-in-1 car seat, which means it is a front and rear-facing car seat that can become a booster seat, and it costs about $229. It provides six layers of safety, which are the same four found in the onBoard infant seat, as well as motion control headrest which helps to restrict sudden movement, and a steel reinforced frame.

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Safety 1st Combination Booster Seats

If you’re in the market for a very basic booster seat but want to retain the Air Protect feature of the UltraMax and onBoard car seats, Safety 1st makes the Boost Air Protect Booster seat. In addition to providing advanced side impact protection, the Boost has an adjustable headrest and converts to a backless booster, and all of this costing $50.

Alternatively you could drop $120 on the Summit High Back Booster. It’s got side impact protection and two modes of use, including a front-facing configuration which can hold up to 40 pounds, and a belt-positioning configuration holding up to 100 pounds. It’s also got other amenities, like pivoting arm rests and a cup holder.

Safety 1st Belt-Positioning Booster seats

Belt-positioning booster seats are designed in such a way that the seatbelt comes across a child’s hips and chest, away from their stomach and neck. Safety 1st makes a nifty belt-positioning booster seat called the Store ’N Go Sport, which only costs around $40 and it has a storage cubby that slide out from underneath the seat. It’s lightweight, converts to a backless booster and can accommodate a child up to 100 pounds.

Safety 1st also makes a belt-positioning booster called the Store ’N Go Adventure. It’s more stylish, has breathable fabric, has a built-in cup holder, also has the storage cubby and costs $60. Additionally Safety 1st makes a few backless booster seats, all for about $30.

Safety 1st certainly has many options available, and all are very affordable. Most if not all of their car seats exceed the federal safety standards, so even though Safety 1st products are a bit on the cheaper side you’re not getting any less protection.

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