Recaro Car Seat Guide

RECARO makes some of the safest car seats for children using race-purpose safety technology, which is where many safety features in road cars come from.

Recaro Car Seat Guide

A fat cat in the world of racing seats, Recaro doesn’t stop it’s practice at providing maximum seating stability for adults doing childish things. On the contrary, it actively supports the safety of children by providing racing-inspired car seats and if the one thing to know about racing is it’s all about safety.

Motor racing can be a perilous sport, and that’s why each racing series spends massive amounts of money to make sure it’s as safe as possible. In other words, some of the best safety features in your car are derived from evolving racing technology, and that includes seats as well. Racing seats are purpose built to be as light, stable and secure as possible, so why wouldn’t you want that same protection for your child?

Performance Coupe Infant Car Seat

RECARO only offers one car seat for infants, and that is the Performance Coupe. It’s got racing-inspired full body side impact protection, HERO technology twist-resistant harness, ergonomics and ventilation. It’s also easy to install, detach, is compatible with RECARO strollers, and accommodates children weighing from 4-35 pounds. The Performance Coupe goes for $329.

RECARO Convertible Seats

Options bloom when it comes to convertible car seats made by RECARO. There are five different models to choose from, all built for children weighing from 5-65 pounds depending on whether they are setup for forward-facing or rear-facing.

The Roadster model uses a seat designed to absorb force from high impacts and has racing-inspired side impact protection. The Roadster also uses memory foam, the patented harness twist-preventative technology that’s also present in the Performance Coupe, and its energy absorbing foam is present throughout the padding and not just in the seat.

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Another convertible seat RECARO makes is the Performance Ride. It’s got everything from the Roadster, including the side-impact protection, memory foam and harness twist-preventative technology, but it’s also got dual air flow for ventilation, to make sure moisture has some place to go.

RECARO also makes what’s called the Performance Racer, which is another kind of convertible car seat. This one has everything from the previous two models, plus what’s called anti-rebound protection. It’s cup holders act as energy-absorbing crumple zones and help to reduce the risk of the seat twisting in the event of a crash.

The final two convertible car seats made by RECARO are the Performance Rally and the Proride. Both are built for 5-65 pounds, but the Performance Rally has the anti-rebound protection, memory foam, twist-resistant harness and additional reclining positions. The Proride is equipped with the same side impact protection, has an adjustable headrest, the dual air flow system, and is ergonomic.

Performance BOOSTER

Like the infant seat, RECARO only makes one booster seat and that is the Performance BOOSTER. Just like the other seats it has racing-inspired side impact protection, but uses air cushions as well for side impacts. It’s lightweight at around 12 pounds, has the dual air flow system for ventilation, and its seating area expands.

It’s clear that RECARO pulls no punches in implementing its knowledge towards the development of car seats. These car seats could probably keep your child secure in your race car, though we wouldn’t recommend you try that.

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