Nuna Car Seat Guide

Light, safe and practical car seats are what Nuna does best with luxurious features like crumple zones, ventilation and side impact protection.

Nuna Car Seat Guide

As a parent looking to buy a car seat, you might want to grace the inside of your car with something that manages to be practical, safe and not an eyesore. Hailing from Amsterdam, Nuna has that covered. It emphasizes simple, practical yet stylish designs with its products while putting the children first, but not forgetting about the parents in the process.

Nuna keeps the choices simple as well. There is only one product per function, and each one boasts an impressive list of interesting and practical features, including aero flex foam that acts as a crumple zone for the baby, aerospace aluminum construction and a steel base, all while managing to keep the overall package lightweight.

Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat

For infant car seats, Nuna offers its PIPA line, of which there are three different versions. The PIPA lite lx is for babies weighing 4-32 pounds, comes with Nuna’s own True lock base, wool and TENCEL lyocell fiber to ensure effective ventilation, aero flex foam for absorbing force and side impact protection. The PIPA lite lx retails for $400.

Nuna also offers the PIPA lite, which comes with the same features as the lx, but manages to weigh just 5.3 pounds (without its base). It does lack some features of the lx, including the “dream drape” which what you can pull over your child’s head to protect them from the rain, and that sets the price back to about $350.

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If pure basics is what you’re after, the Nuna PIPA, which goes for around $300, is probably what you want. It’s still equipped with the same safety features, although it’s slightly heavier at almost 8 pounds (without its base), and lacks things like the aero flex foam. A cool feature Nuna offers across all of its infant models is the fact that they are adjustable to the growth of the baby.

Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat

In the world of convertible seats, Nuna offers only one model and that is the Nuna RAVA. It’s convertible, which means it can switch from rear-facing, which can handle up to 50 pounds, to forward-facing which handles 20-65 pounds.

The RAVA is easy to install, has steel construction, offers energy-absorbing foam for side impact protection, has multiple reclining positions, is aircraft certified, has good ventilation, and costs around $450.

Nuna AACE Booster Seat

Similarly Nuna only offers one kind of booster seat, and that is the AACE. This is a booster seat that can switch from high back to no back, has a customizable recline and will seat a child weighing up to 120 pounds, in the no-back configuration.

Other than that it’s got side impact protection, comfortable armrests, a cup holder and a head rest with nine different positions. It’s got adjustable shoulders as well. Nuna’s AACE goes for $200.

Nuna does what virtually no other car seat company manages to, and that is to keep things simple. There are only a few options to choose from, all of them are exceptional, and none of them break the bank.

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