Maxi Cosi Car Seat Guide

With strong emphasis on side impact protection, Maxi Cosi car seats will help shield your child where it counts in the event of an accident.

Maxi Cosi Car Seat Guide

With all of the different companies that manufacture car seats, it can be difficult to narrow down your list of options to just one. What the decision ends up coming down to is knowing which seat offers the best features for your child. Maxi Cosi, a highly rated car seat manufacturer decided to focus on side impact protection.

According to Maxi Cosi, a child’s head and chest are exposed and in a side-impact collision the shoulders take the brunt of the force, which can then violently shake the child’s head and chest. Maxi Cosi has developed what’s called AirProtect side impact protection, which is designed specifically to protect the child’s head.

Mico Infant Car Seat

Maxi Cosi offers one product line for infant car seats, and that is the Mico. There are three different versions, the Mico 30, Mico Max 30 and the Mico NXT. The Mico 30 is a basic car seat, designed to accommodate children from 5-22 pounds, has side impact protection, adjustable base, sun canopy and is adaptable to strollers from other manufacturer.

The Mico Max 30 is designed for children from 4-30 pounds and up to 32 inches, is equipped with the AirProtect technology and is the lightest seat in its class. It’s also equipped with WeatherShield which is a film that can be stretched over the car seat to protect your child from the elements.

The Mico NXT is almost the same as the Mico 30, however it comes equipped with Cozi-Dozi, which helps to support the child’s head. The NXT retails for about $150, while the Mico 30 goes for around $200 and the Max 30 for around $250.

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Pria/Vello Convertible Car Seats

For convertible seat options, Maxi Cosi offers two different products, the Vello and Pria. There are a couple different versions of each. Depending on which Pria you choose, you can seat a child up to 85 pounds, it’ll come equipped with the AirProtect side protection, it’ll be easy to clean, have the easy to use harnesses, and FlexTech, a system derived to manage force distribution from multiple directions.

Maxi Cosi’s Vello 70 can handle a child up to 70 pounds in the forward-facing position, has side impact protection, also uses FlexTech and has an easily usable latching system. The Vello 70 goes for around $230, while the Pria 85 is about $300.

RodiFix Booster Seat

For booster seats, Maxi Cosi only offers one option and that is the RodiFix. It can accommodate a child up to 120 pounds, cleans easily like the Vello and Pria, and its latching system makes it easy for children to buckle themselves in. It also has an exceptional ventilation system, that keeps liquids away from your child’s skin. RodiFix is equipped with AirProtect as well, and retails for about $250.

Maxi Cosi certainly is one of the easiest companies to buy from, because its options are clearly laid out, there is only one (or two maximum) product lines per function, and each offers excellent protection.

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