Graco Car Seat Guide

Graco has almost 100 different car seats on the market, and they've all been crash tested to exceed the standards set by the federal government.

Graco Car Seat Guide

With close to 100 different models of car seats, Graco appears to have lots of different options making the decision of which seat to buy very difficult to make. Several parents have reported Graco to be more reliable than Britax, very convenient, can easily accommodate taller children, lightweight and provide a more comfortable ride.

However there have been a blemish or two on Graco’s record when it comes to safety recalls, so be sure to do your research before choosing which seat is right for your kids. Graco offers convertible, all-in-one, booster and infant car seats, and even offer some car seat and stroller travel systems for extra convenience.

Graco’s Convertible/All-In-One Car Seats

There are almost too many different models to list when it comes to describing a Graco car seat, especially when talking about a Graco all-in-one car seat, so we’ll go with the 4Ever. For $329 the Graco 4Ever is an all-in-one car seat that incorporates Graco’s own latching system, a steel-reinforced frame, integrated harness storage compartment for booster mode, inserts for comfort, cup holders.

It's also been crash tested to exceed federal safety requirements, side-impact tested, and uses energy-absorbing foam that acts as crumple zones. Since it’s all-in-one, in theory the Graco 4Ever should be the one and only car seat you buy.

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Graco’s Booster Car Seats

One of the Graco booster seats available is the Nautilus 65 3-in-1, which came highly recommended by parents. The Nautilus uses a steel-reinforced frame, 3 different reclining positions, can switch from harness booster, to hijack booster, to backless booster, has tested side impact protection, energy absorbing foam that acts as crumple zones and of course a cup holder.

The Nautilus 65 goes for about $150. Parents have reported the Nautilus as a narrow seat, which makes it easier to fit them 3-wide, and can comfortably secure taller children.

Graco’s Infant Car Seats

Like the Nautilus 65, the Graco SnugRide Click Connect came highly recommended by parents as well. It’s extraordinarily lightweight at 7.5 pounds without its base, has good head protection for infants, a rotating canopy for shade, and also has the energy-absorbing foam form the Nautilus and 4Ever.

Parents have reported the SnugRide Click Connect fits many different strollers, is lightweight, easy to clean and not very bulky. The SnugRide Click Connect goes for about $150.

Graco Travel Systems

Graco offers multiple travel systems as well, which are strollers that have detachable car seats built in. The prices range from $429 for the Modes Sport Click Connect, to $140 for the Comfy Cruiser. The Comfy Cruiser travel system comes with the SnugRide Click Connect 30 infant car seat and a foldable, lightweight stroller that caters to parents with storage areas and a tray, and multiple reclining positions for the seat.

The Graco Modes Sport Click Connect, on the opposite side of the spectrum offers ten riding positions and includes the SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant car seat. It has multiple reclining positions, is reversible so the child can face you, has an adjustable canopy and is easily foldable.

For all three of the models we specified, the 4Ever, Nautilus 65 and SnugRide Click Connect, Graco makes many different versions at varying prices. There are many different travel systems to choose from as well, but no matter what you pay each seat is held up to the same safety standards as required by the government. If you decide to go with a Graco, which is the path many parents have chosen, be sure to read reviews and research recalls.

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