Evenflo Car Seat Guide

Solid, safe, light and convenient, Evenflo car seats have been engineered to exceed federal crash test safety standards.

Evenflo Car Seat Guide

If you’re looking for a car seat to throw into your SUV then an Evenflo car seat is worth considering. Although Evenflo has had its share of hiccups, parents still consider it to be one of the best manufacturers. We’ve had parents report in on how solid, light and safe Evenflo’s products are, and in all fairness there are plenty of other car seat manufacturers that have had some products recalled.

Evenflo has apparently covered many bases in making car seats that are not only solid, light and safe, but also convenient. The SureRide DLX is apparently narrow enough to fit in an airplane seat. Evenflo makes car seats for infants, convertible car seats, booster seats, and all-in-one seats which are adjustable to accommodate infants, back and forward-facing, and can turn into booster seats.

All Evenflo car seats have been tested against twice the force required by law. In the case of the U.S., Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards dictate that a child safety restraint (CSR) must pass a 30 MPH frontal sled test.

Evenflo Infant Car Seats


Evenflo makes a varied assortment of car seats built specifically for infants. They range from around $42 to $180. They are certified to comply with airplane safety requirements, and their durability is tested across a wide range of temperatures. However while the cheaper seats, such as the Nurture and Embrace, are completely safe, some of them have been known to have a few problems regarding the chest clip that fastens in the child.

Evenflo’s most expensive infant car seat, the SafeMax has been side impact tested and rollover tested. SafeMax has a roll bar, harness adjustment, and head support. The LiteMax is a bit cheaper, and has been side impact tested. The LiteMax also has a detachable base, making it much lighter to carry around outside of the car, harness adjustment and head support. The LiteMax is normally priced at $160, while the SafeMax goes for $180.

Evenflo Convertible Car Seats


Amazingly the Evenflo convertible car seat lineup has the same price range as its infant car seats, albeit with slightly lower ratings. Each seat is different, so be sure to read up on each one to get the features you want before you buy. The Triumph is a solid choice for a convertible car seat, with high user ratings and having been side impact tested. With several color options the Triumph can cost as much as $170.

A cheaper option, the Sonus, has been rollover tested and side impact tested, weights very little at 15 pounds (almost as little as the Tribute, Evenflo’s cheapest convertible car seat), has an air flow ventilation system, is adjustable to accommodate your child’s growth and five shoulder strap positions. The Sonus appears to have more options than the Triumph and yet clocks in at as much as $80.

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Evenflo All-In-One Car Seat


Unlike its previous two lineups, Evenflo only offers two different kinds of all-in-one car seat, and both can cost as much as $240. While the Symphony offers much of the same features as Evenflo’s convertible and infant seats, the Evenflo SafeMax all-in-one version has a bit more to offer. It uses a steel frame, SafeZone headrest and has been rollover tested.

Otherwise they are identical. They both can hold up to 110 pounds (depending on the mode), have side protection, use special fabric, have machine washable pads, and have two cup holders.

Evenflo Booster Car Seats (3-in-1)


The thing to remember about 3-in-1 car seats is they aren’t always a combination of forward facing, rear facing and booster. Sometimes it means a combination of harnessed booster, seat belt booster, and no back booster, and this particular combination is the case for all three Evenflo booster seat models.

While there doesn’t seem to be a discernible differences between the Evolve and Transitions, the SafeMax 3-in-1 booster has its steel frame, ventilation, and SafeZone headrest. Where the Evolve and Transitions go up to $170 and $160 respectively, the SafeMax can go up to $200.

Evenflo Booster Car Seats

SecureKid/Maestro/RightFit/Spectrum/Big Kid(+Sport, Backless)/Chase/AMP(+Backless)

There are a multitude of options offered by Evenflo when it comes to booster car seats that aren’t 3-in-1. The SecureKid has been deemed the “Best Bet” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the Evenflo Maestro has apparently won awards for its safety features, the RightFit is able to be converted from highback booster to no back booster, and the Spectrum offers something called Lyf-Guard, which is layers upon layers of energy-absorbing materials that act as crumple zones.

Again Evenflo seems to offer more for less, as its Chase booster seat has more information than its Big Kid. The Chase (LX) has adjustable headrest to accommodate your child’s height, integrated cup holders, multiple harness strap positions, a head pillow and a washable seat pad. Evenflo also seems to offer single purpose versions of certain seats, as the Big Kid also comes in backless only, as does its AMP model. The booster seats range from around $170 (3-in-1)—$25 (single purpose booster seats).

Evenflo’s products are regarded by parents we’ve talked to as being light and affordable, with exceptional safety standards.

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