Cybex Car Seat Guide

A strong promoter of innovation of child safety technology Cybex is a German company that makes several different models of car seats.

Cybex Car Seat Guide

German engineering of car seats results in Cybex, one of the leading brands in car seat innovation and child safety. They are now in cahoots with Goodbaby International Holdings, headquartered in China and is also a leading juvenile products developer on a global scale.

Cybex has a few primary car seat models including the Cloud, Aton, Solution Sirana, among many others, and are divided among platinum, gold and silver classes. The various metals denote how expensive each one is based on its features, but beware that not every kind of car seat is available for all three classes. For instance, there might not be a convertible forward facing seat for the platinum class, etc.

Cybex Rear-Facing Car Seats

Cybex Cloud Q

The Cybex Cloud Q is a car seat built specifically to accommodate infants and only in the rear-facing position, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty more strong points to back it up. It has a unique reclining feature where the seat can be laid flat, creating a more comfortable napping position for the infant.

Car seats in general shouldn’t be used for long stints generally because of the upright angle, however the reclining feature of the Cloud Q does its best to mitigate those concerns. Be advised though, that it’s generally not recommended to keep a baby in a car seat for an extended period of time.

Another feature that’s only available in two other car seats is what Cybex is calling a “load leg”, where there’s a contraption that prevents the seat from rotating downward, and thus keeps the baby from moving around too much, resulting in less injury in the event of a crash. Cybex rear facing car seats do very well to conform to the shape of your baby as well.

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Cybex Aton Q

Another rear-facing car seat in Cybex’s lineup is the Aton Q. Equipped with the telescopic linear side-impact protection (L.S.P.) system, which in the event of an accident will take the force generated by the impact and distribute it to the car seat’s shell. The Aton Q has an 8-position height-adjustable headrest, an integrated canopy, and a base designed to minimize forward rotation during sudden impact. The price ranges from $350-380.

Cybex Aton 2

Cybex’s rear-facing car seat selection expands evermore with the Aton 2 as part of its gold series. The Aton 2 also has the L.S.P. system and the integrated canopy, but it manages to be extremely lightweight at 9 pounds (without the base). It also uses the same base as the Aton Q, which significantly reduces the risk of seat rotation in the event of sudden impact. However the Aton 2 lacks the automatic adjustable headrest. The price of the Aton 2 is set back to around $300.

Cybex Front-Facing Car Seat

Cybex Solution Q2-FIX

For those of you looking for a front facing booster seat, Cybex makes one and it’s called the Solution Q2-FIX. Classified as a “high back booster” seat, the Q2-FIX is very accommodating with side impact protection, a reclining headrest, extendable back, and ventilation to help ease perspiration in those hot summer days. Although the Q2-FIX does come in two separate pieces, it’s incredibly easy to assemble and then install into your car. To top it off, the Q2-FIX is designed to fit a child until they reach 12 years old.

Cybex’s three separate levels of quality car seats, the Silver, Gold and Platinum span a variety of options, but each one is held to the same safety standards and depending on how much you want to pay, all have excellent features.

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