Chicco Car Seat Guide

With its own patented locking system Chicco offers some of the most secure car seats for infants and toddlers, and provides ample convenience.

Chicco Car Seat Guide

Hailing from Italy since 1958, Chicco produces a variety of baby gear, including toys, clothes, and care products. When it comes to car seats specifically, Chicco makes some of the highest rated convertible seats for infants, toddlers and they even make some booster seats, not without an air of convenience. Chicco also sells separate bases for their car seats. You can have extra bases for your car seat in a second or third car.

Much like other car seat manufacturers, Chicco uses their own SuperCinch LATCH system for fastening car seats into position.

Chicco Keyfit/30/Fit2 - $200-$300

The Chicco Keyfit and Keyfit 30 uses a few devices to make sure it’s secured without fault, including a ReclineSure and RideRight level-indicators that show the angle of the seat.

Aside from that the Keyfit also comes with several convenient features, including a removable canopy and compatibility with Chicco strollers. The Keyfit also uses a 5-point harness, a shell equipped with energy-absorbing foam and a smooth exterior design so your car seats won’t be ruined.

Alternatively the Fit2 is a seat built for both infants and toddlers, where a simple adjustment can extend legroom and make the seat more upright. The only issue with buying a seat for infants and toddlers, or, the first two years, is that you’ll need to buy a new seat instead of just getting a convertible seat which should last for much longer.

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Chicco Nextfit/iX - $300-$350

That’s where the Nextfit and Nextfit iX come in. They are both convertible seats, which means they can be switched from back-facing (newborn, toddler phase) to front-facing. The Nextfit and Nextfit iX both accommodate children from 5-65 pounds depending on front-facing or back-facing harnesses, and have multiple positions for the headrests.

The difference between the Nextfit and the iX is the Nextfit does not have the LockSure system, which is Chicco’s system of tightening the car’s seatbelt with the car seat. The iX also comes with the ComfortFlex harness, which is a padded harness that holds the waist belt at bay to ensure easy entry and escape. Ordinarily those differences add up to about a $50 difference between the two models, where the Nextfit starts at around $300.

Chicco Kidfit 2-in-one Booster/Backless booster - $40-$170

For those final car seat days, Chicco offers a 2-in-one booster seat which has a removable back. It’s got head and shoulder side-impact protection, multiple positions, Chicco’s own SuperCinch one-pull tightener, double foam padding, energy-absorbing foam, adjustable backrests and can accommodate children up to 110 pounds. You can also get a backless seat from Chicco which is a very convenient option, although is less comprehensive because it’s only for one purpose.

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