The Britax Car Seat Guide

Partnered with a few other companies, Britax goes above and beyond its duties when it comes to making car seats, subjecting them to proactive testing.

The Britax Car Seat Guide

Since its inception in 1939, British company Britax has acquired several companies in its journey to releasing innovative and state-of-the-art safety products. The first car seat released in the US by Britax was the Freeway, a forward facing seat for 20-40 pound children, in 1996.

Britax Crash Safety Testing

Under heavy scrutiny Britax employs a rigorous test process that puts its chairs’ features to the test. Chairs are equipped with multi-layered side-impact protection, an impact-absorbing base, a tethering system that serves to slow forward movement, and uses energy-absorbing side-impact cushions.

Britax must be approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Child Restraint Systems (FMVSS), flammability of interior materials (FMVSS), standard consumer safety performance specification for carriages and strollers (ASTM F), and the Canadian motor vehicle safety standards. Preventatively, Britax also performs side impact tests on its products not yet required by the Federal Government.

Apart from side-impact testing Britax also uses VR simulation to crash-test, it also tests for vibrations that the child might be experiencing through the car seat from the car itself. Britax also partakes in pendulum testing, where the components receive the same amount of force as they would in a normal crash. Component testing is also an integral part of the process, as things like buckles, harnesses, and the LATCH hooks can become the last line of defense for your child against a vicious collision.

Britax car seats are certainly not on the expensive side when compared to other brands, but they are also one of the sturdiest seats you can find. Unfortunately they air on the heavier side, so it’s not totally ideal for carrying around town.

Britax makes several different models of car seats. If you want to go with this company, be sure to pick the one that fits in your car and is going to offer the most protection.

Britax Marathon Clicktight - $250

The Marathon is a convertible seat, which means it can switch from rear-facing, which is required by law, to front-facing.The Marathon can come equipped with Britax’s Clicktight latching system.

The Marathon is unfortunately plagued by a weight problem, where it’s sturdy construction and cumbersome stature make it a chore to install in smaller cars, like a Corolla or Civic. That being said, if you have a large enough car like an SUV or a full-size sedan, like an Accord, the Marathon will last, in theory, until your child is eight years old when they can then be moved onto a booster seat.

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Britax Advocate Clicktight - $300

A familiar trend spanning across all Britax car seat models is the sturdiness of the construction, but unfortunately with that comes a decidedly unavoidable weight increase. Be that as it may, Britax is often hailed as one of the most secure car seats ever made, and the Advocate Clicktight sees this tradition through.

We were fortunate to have a parent reach out to us with a testimony that praises the Advocate. The Advocate is very heavy and wide, but safe and versatile. It also provides a lot of leg and head room, so a growing child can continue to use it without being uncomfortable for a long time. Despite its aggressive padding, the seat is well ventilated so sweating on hot summer days isn’t as much of a problem.

Britax Pinnacle/Britax Frontier/Pioneer - $230-390

2017 saw the emergence of Britax’s brand new Clicktight system with its Pinnacle and Frontier models. The Pinnacle, Frontier and Pioneer are all combination seats, where they can switch from rear-facing to front-facing with recline adjustments for both, and can be turned into booster seats. There are a few differences between them though.

The Pioneer, which starts at around $230, is not equipped with the Pinnacle and Frontier’s Clicktight installation system. The Frontier, starting at around $339, is equipped with the Clicktight system however does lack the main selling point of the Pinnacle model, and that is its 3-layer side impact cushion technology. The Pinnacle starts at $390, so it’s about $50 more for the side impact protection. $50 extra to make sure your child is in the safest seat possible doesn’t sound like a lot of money.

Britax Boulevard - $270

Another convertible seat, the Britax Boulevard boasts 2-layer side impact protection, a steel frame, and a base designed to absorb the force of an impact in the event of an accident. Because the Boulevard is not a combination seat you will need to get a booster when your child reaches the appropriate height and weight.

Britax Endeavours - $300

The Britax Endeavours employs a different focus in addition to all the safety that Britax has to offer for an infant, and that is convenience. The Endeavours is designed for mobility, where you can strap it into your car with or without its base, and it can be attached to Britax strollers or carried thanks to a handle and the fact that it only weighs 11 pounds.

Britax Roundabout - $180

Safe yet affordable, the Britax Roundabout offers the same SafeCell technology offered in other Britax models, along with side impact protection. It’s a little on the heavier side, at just over 17 pounds, but it’s received stellar reviews across the board and doesn’t break the bank.

Britax Parkway SGL - $160

The Britax Parkway SGL lends itself to the booster seat audience, providing adjustable head protection and deep side walls that engulf your child in a protective shell. Like all other Britax models it comes with an easy-to-use latching system, making it very convenient for parents to either keep locked in the car or remove when needed.

Britax makes some of the sturdiest car seats on the market. That, coupled with the intense crash safety testing clearly shows they are concerned with your child's safety more than anything else. Britax seats can be husky pieces of equipment, so before you hit the buy button make sure they can actually fit.

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