Dog Products to Ramp Up Your Life

Ramps and stairs are great for making it easier on your best friend. We looked into some of the most functional and safe products and give you picks for a perfect dog day afternoon.

Dog Products to Ramp Up Your Life

Whether for mobility reasons or just to give your dog a leg up when getting into your truck or SUV, ramps and stairs are great accessories to have for making it easier on your best friend. Whether it’s a Shiba Inu or a Swiss Mountain Dog, size or age can make one of these products a must have for your lifestyle. We took a look into some of the most functional, safe, and lasting products on the market and give you picks for a perfect dog day afternoon.

Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Ramp ($159)

Probably the most fitting brand name to solve this particular quandary, the Solvit Deluxe ramp can support up to 400 pounds but only weighs 13 pounds thanks to aluminum construction. With an adjustable length of 39-72-inches, the Deluxe ramp is small enough to be carried by one person and will also fit inside any truck or SUV. A high traction walking surface as well as a lifetime warranty make the Solvit a solution worth getting.

Petstep II ($179)

If you own a lab or a golden retriever, the Petstep II is perfect for those water-loving canines. This 18.5-pound foldable, and floating ramp won’t be lost at sea should you and your aquatic buddies go overboard. A ribbed non-slip surface, 500-pound weight capacity, and length up to 70-inces provide plenty of flexibility and support wherever you should go.

Doctors Foster and Smith Free Standing Step ($219)

Have a low riding SUV, truck (or wagon) and need to get the pooch in the boot? Doctors Foster and Smith Free Standing Step is the more classy alternative than a ramp. Since it’s a stepping system, there’s no need to attach to the rear of the car, just unfold and place down. Rubberized feet and soft carpeting on the surface provide grip when your dog is entering and exiting. However, the bulk, weight and price could be a deal breaker when a simpler ramp setup might be better for your wallet and habits.

Pet Gear Inc. Travel Lite Tri-Fold Ramp ($79 at time of posting)

Highly rated on Amazon, the Pet Gear Inc. Travel Lite Tri-Fold ramp could be a bit narrow in our opinion, but the affordable price and weight limits make up for any downsides. As long as you are a bit more cautious helping your K9 up and down, the Travel Lite is a perfect compliment to your vehicle by coming with tethers to make sure it stays completely attached to the car, a slip-resistant surface, and three way folding for storage.

Do-It-Yourself Dog Ramp ($60)

If you’re handy around the house and are on a budget, why not make your own dog ramp? This Old House was nice enough to provide plans on building a spartan dog ramp that won’t break the bank. If it’s only for occasional use, this could be the perfect way to go. All you need are a few pieces of plywood, some boards and some tools and you’re on your way to building that ole boy (or girl) something you can both be proud of.

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