Best Car Seats For Small Cars

Car seats can be big and if you already have a small car you're not going to trade for something else. Save some time and pick the correct size car seats.

Best Car Seats For Small Cars

Not everyone has the room for a truck or SUV, or the money for a sports sedan, so the next best option is a compact car. If you are one of these parents that has a compact car and some kids, you’ll need some car seats that are small enough to fit in the back seat, because up until a certain age children aren’t allowed to sit in the front seat.

For our purposes we’re going to compare the seat width and headroom of a Honda Fit’s back seat. It’s so small, that if you can fit a car seat in the back of Honda Fit, you can fit one in most compact cars. The back seat of a Honda Fit stretches approximately 45 inches.

Something to remember, which as a parent you’re probably aware of, is that it’s likely you won’t have twins, meaning your kids are going to be different sizes needing different sized car seats. For the first couple of years they will be in back-facing car seats, then forward-facing, and then finally moving swiftly on to booster seats. In other words, you could at one point have 2-3 different sized car seats crowding your back seat at the same time.

These are some of the best convertible car seats for a small Car (like a Honda Fit):

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These are some of the best infant car seats for a small car:

There are many different car seats to choose from. All of the seats on this list have been recommended by Carseatblog, a prominent source for car seat information.

It’ll sour your day a bit if you spend a mountain of cash on some brand new, ultra luxurious and sporty Recaro car seats and find out they don’t even fit, so make sure you take note of exactly how big your back seats are. Measure twice, buy once.

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