10 Best Cars for High Mileage Drivers

Do you drive a lot? Consumer Reports put out a list of vehicles with the greatest likelihood of hitting 200,000 miles in its lifetime.

10 Best Cars for High Mileage Drivers

If you're someone with a massive commute and need to sustain it for years at a time, considering a car that can go the distance is an important step. What's more is, you probably don't want to wait until the car has already proven it can go 200,000 before you buy it. So how do you know what car to get, that is likely to hit multiple hundreds of thousands of miles? Luckily, Consumer Reports put out a list of vehicles with the greatest likelihood of hitting 200,000 miles:

10 Vehicles Most Likely to hit 200,000 miles:

Toyota Prius
All you have to do to see how popular the Prius has become is stick your head out the window and open your eyes. Popular amongst ride-share drivers, commuters, and environmentalists, the Prius has become a reliable sedan.

Toyota Camry Inline-Four
Camrys offer a lot of room in their interior, quick responsive throttle and handling, and have proven to be dead reliable.

Honda Odyssey
Who says minivans aren't cool? Odysseys are not only Hondas and therefore capable of driving until the end of time, but they are also ample on space and hold their value well. So if you've got one, hold onto it.

Honda Pilot, CR-V
Honda has the SUV platform dialed in with the Pilot. It's got a powerful V6 so it doesn't have a problem moving, can tow as much as 5,000 pounds, and is comfortable. The CR-V is lacking in power, unfortunately, but has plenty of room for two people on a camping trip.

Toyota Corolla
If you're looking to get a Corolla, know that while they are reliable and good on gas, they are much tighter on the inside than the Camry, which impacts visibility. But if you want a small size car for commuting, the Corolla is a solid choice.

Honda Accord, Civic
Ordinarily, the Civic would offer much less interior room than the Accord however nowadays it's not that much of a difference. The Civic is not cramped in comparison, just a bit smaller. The Accord, however, does offer a substantial power plant while the Civic isn't necessarily down on power but a little boost couldn't hurt. Between the Accord and Civic, the only thing that you need to decide is how big you want your car to be.

Toyota Sienna
Siennas have been praised by mechanics as the minivan they see the least frequently. Reliability and size are the Sienna's strong points, so for an ultra cool minivan the Sienna can last you for a long time and fulfill your needs.

Toyota Highlander
The Toyota Highlander is a good competitor against the Pilot. The good news about that is, both cars are good at what they do and so you can't really go wrong. The Highlander can tow as much as the pilot, gets almost 30 MPG on the highway and can make more power than the Pilot.

You may have noticed that five of these cars were Hondas, and five were Toyotas. That's no accident, you may understand, as those are the two brands that have proven for decades that they are capable of making cars that last. Also, you may notice that the list is made up of almost the entire lineup of each brand. The takeaway here is, as long as you get a Honda or Toyota, you're likely to have a long-standing relationship with your car.

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