Drive Your Age: Best Cars for Baby Boomers

What’s a good car for you at this point in life? Are you retired and looking for a vehicle for escaping to the great unknown, or are you looking to travel in absolute comfort.

Drive Your Age: Best Cars for Baby Boomers

As a driver, you probably wish everyone drove a little older. Meaning, if everyone drove like a mature, experienced driver, the roads would probably be quite a bit friendlier, safer, and more efficient. Stress levels would be down, travel times would get quicker, and less accidents would occur. However, that’s not what we’re referring to when we say drive your age, because the perfect world of driving doesn’t exist.

What’s a good car for you at this point in life? Are you a retiree, a recent college grad, or a blossoming driver on your way to road-going freedom? With so many choices out there, how do you know what to choose? If you want reliability, there are cars for that. Sporty performance with good gas mileage in return, there are even choices for that. For our first installment we’re going to focus on the baby-boomer generation, who might be retired or on their way and looking for a vehicle for escaping to the great unknown, traveling in absolute comfort, or something that tugs at their heartstrings.

A Convertible Sports Car

You know you’ve always wanted one. Lusted after it and have seen owners drive with glee as the sun is in their face, the wind in their hair, and the (hopefully) fresh air of the surrounding environment fill the cabin. Convertibles are a luxury item, and one that is worth your hard-earned money as you age. A convertible sports car is a totally different, and rewarding, experience from your run of the mill topless wonder. The reason that sports cars so often go hand in hand with convertibles is because of the sound and speed.

There’s nothing like a V8 from a Mustang or Corvette to get you in the mood for traversing large swaths of land with a sonorous muscular motor in front of you. In fact, these days are the perfect time to buy new convertible sports cars because fuel economy has never been better and there are V6 engine options on most sports cars in general. So, if the tides of time have granted you fiscal freedom to buy a convertible, there are plenty of good reasons why you should. Enjoyment of the open road is second to none.

Big-Body Luxury Car

The Lexus LS, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class, and Audi S8s of the world among others, are fantastic cars to drive around. Not only do they offer tremendous engine power, fantastic road prowess, and modern technology, but their cabins are often beautiful places to take long drives in. Most full-size sedans offer massaging seats with infinite adjustments mated to powerful audio systems with the latest safety technologies available. These cars are usually the peak of engineering for any given automotive company, sans their advanced sports cars.

Think of getting a big-body luxury car like treating yourself to a five-star resort: you get pampered in perfect silence but it will awaken your body and revitalize you the more you dig deep into the spirit of it. They’re expensive, but they drive like your floating on a cloud, offer endless amounts of technology to make your drive more pleasant, and can usually allow you to bring along three other people in similar comfort.

A Pickup Truck

You don’t realize how much you can do with a pickup truck until you have one for a short amount of time. Yard work, antiquing, light off-roading (aka, exploring), and many trips to a home improvement store; pickup trucks can haul it all. They’re universal ruggedness makes them perfect for DIY’ers looking to save the hassle of waiting for items to ship, and also paying for it to get to them. If you think of all the times when you could’ve used a pickup, chances are you’ll think of thousands more to use when you have it.

Ford F-150s and Chevrolet Silverados are some of the most used and reliable trucks on the market, with plenty of owners seeing upwards of 250,000 miles during a lifecycle so don’t feel nervous about getting one with higher miles. Dodge Rams with a Cummins diesel is also a great, rugged truck that has its share of benefits—tree-trunk pulling torque being one of them. Toyota also offers the Tundra and Tacoma, which have been known for their unbeatable reliability.

A Mid-Size Luxury SUV

Chances might be high that you’ve owned a mid-size luxury SUV at one point in your life, with the most well known choice in this group being the Jeep Grand Cherokee—a model that has been tackling terrain and anything thrown at it since 1993. Mid-size luxury SUVs are great because they combine most of everything you need—utility, comfort, and safety—into a taller and friendlier year round package.

There’s also a reason that mid-size SUVs are among the biggest, and most diverse markets in the automotive landscape: there are almost endless options. You can get diesel motors all the way up to SUVs with over 600 horsepower. The German big boys from Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Porsche give you ultimate performance and comfort with a heady price tag; however, they will make you rethink the way an SUV can truly handle the real world.

An Electric Car

If you’ve driven combustion engines your whole life, now is the perfect time to move towards an all-electric automobile. With the Tesla brand encompassing most of what America knows about electric cars, that doesn’t mean it’s your only choice. There are an abundance of choices out there in modern times—most of them are tiered more towards the compact market, but that doesn’t mean they’re ill equipped.

Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, BMW, Kia, Volkswagen, and even Cadillac among others offer purely electric vehicles with upwards of 80 miles of range before you need to recharge. Teslas offer more range and their “Supercharger” network of stations will allow you to traverse the country without running out of juice, but they are pricy, whereas the majority of electric vehicles on sale can be had for $20k-$30k and still offer a similar experience.

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