Compact Cars for City Commuting

Cars that help you park, split traffic and avoid the headaches of larger automobiles in neat and tidy packages.

Compact Cars for City Commuting

If you’re commuting, or you live in a major metropolitan hotspot, and need instant transportation, a car is an invaluable tool to navigate the frantic pace. Some cars are better than most, however, and picking the right one can circumvent most headaches along the way. Here are five choices to make your buying decision a bit easier.

Smart fortwo

The smallest car on this list (by far), the fortwo measures less than 9-feet long and a little more than 5-feet wide—about the length of a couch—which means it makes parallel parking a breeze. So much so in fact, we’ve seen some people pull them straight into parallel spots. (But park at your own risk!) It also gets great gas mileage and is safe for a subcompact, but make sure you stick to the city because the Smart doesn’t excel at roadtrips.

BMW 1 Series Coupe

If you’re looking for something sporty and luxurious, this BMW will check the right boxes. Available with an inline-six cylinder motor in either naturally aspirated or twin-turbocharged flavors, you will have no trouble traversing the streets with ease. Remember, it is a coupe so commuting with more than one extra person might be a bit cramped, but if you’re the one doing the driving you’ll appreciate the communicative steering, suspension and driving persona. There’s a reason it’s the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’.

Toyota Yaris Hatchback

A no frills economy car, the Yaris is a safe and reliable choice for A to B transportation. If you need something that flies (okay, crawls) under the radar, the 106 horsepower hatchback doesn't draw attention and keeps the commuting game on lock with great MPGs and an interior that you won’t shed a tear for should your morning cup of Joe go way of the cabbie who just cut you off. It’s not the prettiest, fastest, or most luxurious, but the price point can’t be beat.

Fiat 500

This Italian stallion can be had in multiple flavors such as electric, Pop and the sporty Abarth (we highly recommend the Abarth!), which means you can base your commuting preferences on any of the stylish looks you prefer. Doing your best sprezzatura in the Fiat is easy with plenty of personality to go around. It’s an outspoken featherweight that offers charm by the boatload, and isn't that what you need to stay sane during times of commuting madness?

Chevy Volt

There’s a whole internet community out there of Volt drivers who hypermile their cars to see how little gas they can burn. Success stories range from years without burning one drop of fossil fuel to burning one tank of gas per year. The average American commutes about 40 miles to and from work per day, so with the Volts ability to use electric and gas if needed, you can stay within range and budget. If you only have to drive in the city, well, the electric mode practically pays for itself.

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