Best Used Hybrids

Better for the environment and better for your wallet—here are some of the best used hybrids you should get.

Best Used Hybrids

Hybrid cars are getting more popular every year, and almost every car manufacturer has their hands in the hybrid pie. Even Ferrari and Porsche have made 900+ horsepower hybrid super cars. Luckily though if you want to get in on the hybrid action you don’t need to spend that much, and you’ll still get optimal performance. For this list, we evaluated several cars and the ones that made it was the most reliable of all the hybrids across the last few years and provided a decent balance of power, practicality, and cost.

2014 Prius V

Looking at lists of the best hybrid cars by each previous year dating back to 2013, some variation of the Prius is at the top of the list. There’s just no getting away from them, but that’s not such a bad thing. Hybrids are getting better, and Priuses are at the forefront of development. For the best used hybrid, we picked the 2014 Prius Five, because it weighs the least out of all the regular Prius models at about 3,000 pounds, has the most horsepower at 134, and still manages to get around 50 mpg. All this will only cost around $16,000. Not a bad value.

2014 Camry Hybrid LE

For a little less money, Toyota offers yet another hybrid also near the top of the lists. The 2014 Camry Hybrid is an excellent option, with 200 horsepower and still making 41 mpg. It’s also a bigger car than other sedans like a Civic or Corolla. It also only costs around $13,300. This is a solid choice for someone who maybe carpools with a lot of people, drives for Uber and tacks a lot of mileage on their vehicles.

2014 Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai has a lot to offer when it comes to their cars. For comfortable, practical sedans the Elantra does well, as a sports car the Genesis Coupe is an excellent example, and for a hybrid, the Sonata is a good idea. It also gets around 40 mpg like the Camry and has the same amount of horsepower. One of the more attractive aspects of the Sonata is its relatively low cost to own, which means that over time considering insurance costs, gas, maintenance and other factors, aren’t going to amount to as much as other cars. For $12,000, the Sonata is yet another great hybrid option.

2015 Honda Civic

If you don’t care about power as much, the 2015 Civic is another good hybrid option. It’ll only cost you around $14,000 and for that, you’ll get better mileage than the Camry and Sonata at about 45 mpg. The Civic is also extremely reliable and has excellent safety ratings. It’s easy to drive, and lighter than any other option on this list by about 500 pounds, sitting comfortably at 2873 pounds.

2016 Chevy Malibu

To get a decent used hybrid you don’t have to go too many years back. The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid has its own merits. It’s the most expensive car on this list at around $17,000, but it gets around 47 mpg and much like the Civic has excellent safety ratings and has so far proven to be very reliable.

The obvious choice for a used hybrid vehicle is obviously the Prius, and that’s pretty much the case across the board. However, if the Prius doesn’t strike you as a car you’d want to own, there are plenty of other options that are around the same price.

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