Best Tailgating Trucks

Trucks, SUVs, and vans are all good for tailgating. Check out our list for some of the best tailgating trucks and then some!

Best Tailgating Trucks

Following any sporting event could be what’s called a tailgate party, where sports fans gather to eat bbq and drink alcohol near the backs of their vehicles. They bring chairs, coolers, bbq setups and have a merry time. If you want to join in and contribute to this American sporting event bbq, you’ll need the right car. It’ll need to be big enough to fit a table, a bbq, a couple of coolers, food and chairs. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

What Cars Are Best For Tailgating

You’ll have your pick of virtually any SUV, station wagon, and truck as those are probably the best vehicles to use, and if you want something smaller and more practical a Toyota Tacoma is always a solid choice. The truck’s tailgate can come down and act as a seat, whilst you futz with your swing away bbq attached to your bumper. The same can be done with an SUV and station wagon. The key is picking a car that’s big enough to fit the table, but as long as you get one that folds in half you should be covered.

Ford F-150

Something simple and cheap, like an early 2000s F-150 would be fine for the job, and no matter what year model you choose you pretty much can't go wrong. They all had a V8 option, and can all tow a significant amount so if you really wanted to you could tow a trailer that has everything for tailgating in it, if you run out of space in the bed. Of course newer is always better, so it really comes down to what you can afford.

Toyota Tacoma

If it's just you and possibly one other person going to the tailgate party, you might consider something smaller and more practical like a Toyota Tacoma. You'll want to check reliability ratings to figure out which year works best for you in your price range. We always recommend the 2004 model, because it tows more than its immediate successor and is still a good price.

Other Alternatives for Tailgating

Tailgating is certainly easier with a truck, as the space available in the bed is unparalleled, but with a big enough SUV, it’s certainly possible. Something like a Ford Expedition, with 130 cubic feet of interior space is ideal, or a Suburban which is known for carrying umpteen people. You don’t have to stop there, though. The possibilities can carry over into other worlds of transportation.

Besides the obvious boring choices like trucks, minivans, and SUVs, why not broaden your scope a bit to include fleet vehicles? School buses, for instance, are massive, can carry lots of people along with all the supplies to last a year-long tailgate party, and you can modify them to the Nth degree. For instance, if you wanted to build a porch area out of the back section, you can do that without breaking a sweat.

While most people bring TVs you could hang a projector screen off of any side of the bus and watch the game with theater-like qualities, and build speakers into the bus itself. I think we can all agree though, that a tailgate setup in one of these, where you can get a bird’s eye view of the game, would be the ideal setup.

There is no real limit to what kind of vehicle you can use for tailgate parties. Just get creative and remember to have fun. That’s kind of the whole point anyway.

Best Trucks For Tailgating
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