11 Best Cars For Bachelors

Being a bachelor means you only have you to answer to when it comes time to buy a new car. So what should you drive? That depends on what kind of bachelor you are.

11 Best Cars For Bachelors

So you're a lone wolf. Whether it's a (hopefully) temporary situation or one you've committed to, being a bachelor means you only have you to answer to when it comes time to buy a new car. So what should you be driving? That depends on what kind of bachelor you are. Fortunately, we have something for everyone. Read on to find out.

11. Ford F-150 Raptor

Big, brawny, and capable of just about anything, this daily driveable, Baja-worthy pickup will communicate power and ability to any potential mates—whether you're looking for life or just for the evening. Sure, it may shout "overcompensating" to some, but you don't have time for the haters anyway, right?

Used Raptors are all over the market, but because these massively capable trucks are often used to their limits (and beyond), you'll definitely want to get a thorough pre-purchase inspection to make sure the engine and transmission are sound and the frame is still nice and straight—you don't want to pay the price for someone else's Dukes of Hazzard-style jumps, after all.

10. Dodge Challenger Hellcat

If the F-150 Raptor shouts "overcompensating" to the hills, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat puts it on billboards in Times Square. But you'll have 707 untamed horses under the hood--and your right foot—whenever you like. It even comes with two sets of keys, just to make sure you really want to uncork all of that passion.

Sounds like you? You just might be able to find a used Hellcat or two that are looking for new homes not because there's anything wrong with them, but because they've scared their owners white one too many times. Their loss is your gain—and your source of unlimited tire-shredding fun, whether it's a slow roll to work on Monday morning or a parking lot fiesta on Saturday night.

9. Ford Mustang GT350

You like a perfectly tailored, finely pressed suit—but you hate paying good American dollars for Italian wool. Well, then, the Ford Mustang GT350 is for you. A snazzy exterior backed up by one of the most amazing flat-plane-crank V8 engines available today, minus the Ferrari supercar price. And unlike many Mustangs of the past, the GT350 is more than just a stoplight stunner—it can turn corners and thrash canyons with Europeans that cost twice as much.

These are still rather new cars, so the used market will be thin--but the Mustang GT can give a fair chunk of the same thrills for even less money, and the last-generation Mustang BOSS 302 has a similarly sharp edge, though it lacks the flat-plane V8.

8. Chevrolet Camaro SS

Built on the same platform as the new Cadillac ATS, the latest Chevy Camaro is a revelation for those who truly appreciate balanced on-the-limit handling. With the small-block Chevy V8, the Camaro SS comes into its own, pairing a world-class chassis with one of the best engines in history to become a truly epic bargain in the performance car world.

Again, these are very new cars--and while the last-generation cars look almost exactly the same, they were built on an older platform that left a fair bit more on the table when it comes to ultimate pace. That said, the previous-generation Camaro 1LE and SS were also very good performance cars in their own right, and the familiarity of their styling will still keep turning heads even as the newer examples become more common on the roads.

7. BMW M4

If you missed the memo, BMW's M4 is the new name for what used to be known as the M3 Coupe. With a sleek but muscular physique and legendary German engineering putting finesse to the power of its turbocharged engine, the M4 tells everyone from business rivals to romantic interests that you appreciate the finer things in life, but you're not going to stand around waiting for them--you're going after them at warp speed.

The BMW M4 has been loose on the market for a couple of years now, meaning there are plenty of lightly used examples floating around at prices that, while still in the mid-$60,000 to mid-$70,000 range, are much more affordable than brand-new—and why not let someone else take that inevitable initial depreciation hit?

6. Audi RS 7

Audi's A7 fastback sedan is one of the best-looking vehicles on the road right now at any price, and it's one of the most practical, too, with a hatchback that opens onto a surprisingly large cargo load area, which is perfect for everything from golf bags to boogie boards to the luggage you (and a companion) will need for long weekend getaways.

Amp up the A7's great looks with a massive supercharged V8 engine rated at somewhere between 560 and 605 hp (depending on the year), and you've got a power broker's daily driver that's still up for the active lifestyle of a bachelor, plus room for friends—with benefits or without.

5. Land Rover Range Rover

Luxurious, stately, with a do-it-all, go-anywhere attitude--if this describes you as well as the Range Rover, you've found your ideal ride. A slightly more mature choice than some of the other options on this list, the Range Rover is nonetheless a timeless classic, beloved in both off-road circles and the Bentley set.

Because the Range Rover has been around for decades, you can find great examples at almost any price point--and while Range Rovers can be expensive to maintain (whether new or old), you'll find that their incredible capability, and, in newer models, incredibly refined and luxurious interiors, make up for any costs with personality, style, and comfort you just can't get anywhere else.

4. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Nothing says confidence like a man who's comfortable getting into a cute little two-seat roadster that's barely bigger than he is. If there's an opposite to the overcompensation of the Ford Raptor or the Dodge Hellcat, this is it. Simple, fun-to-drive, economical, stylish, and small, this is the car for the bachelor who doesn't feel the need to advertise his awesomeness—it's just there to be appreciated by those in the know.

With four generations of Miata on the streets over the last 27 years, you'll find them ranging from under $3,000 for an early model to well over $30,000 for the latest and greatest. Because these are roadsters, and haven't always been known for the most leak-proof tops, you'll want your pre-purchase inspection (especially of older models) to include a solid look for water issues, including rust, electrical problems, and mold. That said, don't be scared off. Many Miatas have been lovingly maintained by owners who cherish their sporty little companions.

3. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Imagine a BMW M4 with a touch of the passion--and perhaps the eccentricity—you expect from an Italian artist, and you have the Mercedes C63 AMG. Fast and sexy are the headline words here, turning heads whether pulling up to the valet or roaring off with the twin-turbo V8 at full chat.

The latest C63 AMG is the best by far, but don't feel like the older models are off-limits. With a normally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 that has won the hearts of enthusiasts the world over, the previous-generation C63 AMG is even wilder and woolier than the current model, even if it is a bit less sexily styled.

2. Audi R8

The world's most eligible bachelor (in the Marvel universe, anyway) drives an Audi R8. Tony Stark, or, as you might know him, Iron Man, drives the R8 not just because it's an incredibly fast mid-engined supercar powered by a V10 engine shared with Lamborghini, but because it's high-tech, precise, and incredibly well-engineered. If you feel like you and Tony have more in common than just a preference for really cool suits, the R8 could be for you.

Now in its second generation, the Audi R8 has seen continuous changes over the years, gaining more power, a more refined suspension setup, and lots of cool technology in the cabin. The latest models are computers wonders that feel more like precision-guided land missiles than typical passenger cars, but even the earliest R8s (some of which were available with manual transmissions, for that Nick Offerman boost of manliness) are incredible fun.

1. Porsche 911

If Tony Stark were just a touch more practical—or perhaps thinking of settling down sometime soon—he'd ditch the R8 for a Porsche 911. Why? Because the 911 is just as fun to do drive, but it has two kid-sized back seats and a lot more room for luggage. Yes, the 911 is the sports car that says you like to have fun and haul ass, but might be persuaded to settle down and get hitched.

With an almost endless number of variants on offer since the late 1960s, there's a Porsche 911 for every bachelor. Unlike many sports cars, the 911 has reached almost universal collector status, with even models from the late 1980s and early 1990s commanding double their price when new. That can make getting your hands on one at a great price a bit tough, but it also makes the 911 something of a portfolio addition, likely to give a significant return on your investment—if you're ever able to bring yourself to part with it.

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