9 Cars Worth Waiting For and Buying Used

If you can wait a year or two, you’ll get the car of your dreams at a tremendous discount. Most of them still include warranties, maintenance, and even that new car smell.

9 Cars Worth Waiting For and Buying Used

It’s pretty well known that once you drive a new car off of a lot, you’re going to lose money on your new purchase thanks to depreciation: in fact, about 11-percent of its value immediately on average. This obviously depends on the car, the markups, the options, and the exception of special editions and one-offs in which the value will go up as soon as you buy new. Overall, you’re in good hands knowing that if you can wait a year or two, you’ll get the car of your dreams at a tremendous savings. Most of these cars still include warranties, maintenance schedules, and that new car smell. We looked at Instamotor cars that were 2014 and newer to check the difference between as tested price for that year and its current selling price. So hold on tight and let the economy work its magic in your favor!

Mini Cooper

It’s no shock that Minis are expensive; they’re one of the most expensive compact cars you can buy. You shouldn’t shell out full retail price if you don’t have to. Taking one off the lot second hand could save you an average of up to $6,000 based on what we found on Instamotor. Since Minis are, well, mini you probably have no problem waiting a year or two since it’s likely you don’t particularly need this model specifically now.

Hyundai Genesis

If you want affordable luxury that can compete with the more expensive German sedans, look no further than the Hyundai Genesis. With a big honkin’ V8 available in the R-Spec, the Genesis is a powerhouse in an unassuming package. If you’re not about Autobahn-storming, the Genesis can be had with a 3.8-liter 6-cylinder motor, which when packaged with the roomy back seats, comfortable suspension, and a very refined audio system, you’re looking at the luxury sedan bargain on the year.

Audi Q7

Big, brolic and luxurious, the Audi Q7 3.0T Premium Plus that we found for sale is $41,500, which is $13,000 less than it’s asking price of $54,595 when new. And at 41k miles, it’s practically brand new. Granted Audis aren’t the cheapest cars to maintain, but you’re getting a lot of car with the Q7: generous towing capacity, third-row seating, navigation and a big sunroof among others. Plus, you’re getting one of the best looking SUVs in existence.

Ford Mustang EcoBoost

A Ford Mustang with a 4-cylinder sacrilegious you say? While in our youngers years we would have a proclivity to agree with you, the turbocharged modern Mustang is actually really good and somewhat refined for a modern “muscle car.” And it’s also a performance bargain with 310 horsepower, and 0-60 mph coming in a scant 5.2 seconds. You can find the 4-banger Mustangs with around 15,000 miles for about 10 grand less than its original MSRP.

BMW 428i

Double check the fine print, but BMWs are great because of their excellent maintenance schedule program that gets baked into every new BMW at a usual rate of the first 4 years or 50k miles. That means all the oil changes and routine maintenance are covered by BMW. While not the most practical car by any means, the 428i veers on the side of sporty rather than absolute luxury, and we’re okay with that because BMW makes some of the best driving cars around.

Ford F-150

American pickup trucks are some of the most reliable vehicles on earth, with scores of them surpassing 200k miles easily, essentially staying on the road for years and years. The Ford F-150 falls into that category and will be a reliable and dependable truck as long as you provide routine maintenance for basically as long as you want to own the truck. You can find great examples on Instamotor for about $10k less on average than MSRP.

Chevy Volt

Loved by their owners, Chevy Volts are perfect if you commute daily, and even better if it’s less than 30 miles since all that can be done on electric power. An electric/gas hybrid with the ability to run solely electric, the Volt is practical, safe, comfortable, and on the second-hand market, more affordable. A great interior, a 380-mile range, and 40mpg on gas power makes this a very compelling eco-friendly option.

Infiniti QX80

While you might be spending more on gas than the average car; this bus of an SUV (definitely a good thing if you like space and seeing above everyone) is worth taking a hard look at. Still not cheap by any means and the looks are subjective, the QX80 can be up to $30k less on the second hand market, which means you’re saving a ton on the initial cost. And with financing, you’re obviously not shelling out all that money in the beginning, which gives you a little more mental leeway when figuring out your finances.

Chevy Corvette Convertible

Maybe this in on the wish list, but the Chevrolet Corvette is something that makes any person a kid again. The perfect mix of performance and top-down enjoyment, the Corvette is super fast, has a memorizing exhaust note, is (somewhat) economical depending on how judicious you are with the throttle, and the top goes from dressed to undressed in 21 seconds at speeds of up to 30 mph. And the best part? You can scoop the Corvette for about $15k less than MSRP from what we’ve seen on Instamotor.

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