Essential Apps for Car Ownership

Whether it’s security, directions, entertainment or maintenance, these apps will help make car ownership less stressful and more rewarding.

Essential Apps for Car Ownership

Whether it’s security, directions, entertainment or maintenance, these apps will help make car ownership less stressful and more rewarding.

We like driving, but sometimes just driving your car isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Check out these six apps to help get you, and your car, on the road to successful motoring. However, make sure you make the first right decision and get a hands-free phone holder!

Waze - By far the most essential app if you’re a commuter, or you just really love social media 24/7, Waze offers big benefits to those who hate traffic. Constantly updated live

via other Wazers, this app gives you a heads up when a cop, accident, construction or better route is available. And while Waze needs a data connection, it doesn’t suck up megabits as fast as you would think, though watch your battery because it’s a hog. Have a favorite route that you think is the best? Ditch it; believe in The Waze.

Gas Buddy- If you’re a stickler for finding the cheapest gas around, Gas Buddy brings social networking to the pump. Even though fuel is at some of the cheapest prices of the last decade, you can always save a few pennies here or there. You can also help the community by updating prices you see, just make sure you’re accurate because you could affect the entire bunch.

Auto Care Free (iOS only)- One of the most important aspects of owning a car that can save you time, money and frustration in the long run is your car’s maintenance. Auto Care Free is a maintenance reminder system that calculates parameters you set. So when the time comes for your car to get some checkups, you’ll be ready. Everything from oil changes, to tire pressures, tire mileage and engine checks are covered by this app.

Alternative for Android: aCar

DailyRoads Voyager (Android only)- You might be thinking to yourself, why would I need a dash cam app? Because, if you’re one of the over 100-million commuters—and since according to statistics you most likely drive alone—you might need evidence to back up an accident claim. DailyRoads Voyager will continuously record video while you drive, and even has the ability to start and stop depending on the car’s movements.

You can also keep what you want with the push of a button, and with cyclic recording— whereas the allotted memory never fills up—you wont be left stranded if something does happen.

Alternative for iOS: CamOnRoad

Google Maps- This might be a no brainer, but Google Maps is an indispensable tool for finding most anything or anyplace you need. Using the power of Google to bring maps to your device, Google Maps is fast, (mostly) accurate and can be used outside or inside the car with amazingly great results. Plus, there’s also the option to download areas of the map for offline use, which is great if your reception is spotty.

Spotify- Music makes you happy, so why not have access to almost anything you could think of in an easy-to-use app? Unlike Apple’s recent attempt at Music, Spotify just works. With a user-friendly interface and some amazing pre-selected playlists, Spotify helps alleviate those depressing rush-hour woes with your favorite sad Morrissey song.

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