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The Best Aftermarket Car Alarms
With your car in constant danger of being broken into, aftermarket car alarms seem like a good idea, so here's a comprehensive list of the best brands.
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Will Tesla's Self-Driving Cars Be Legal?
The big question of course is who is responsible for accidents when autopilot fails—the car company? The driver? Or the system?
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Why Tesla’s Autopilot Is Starting to Piss People Off
The debate on self-driving cars has gotten more vociferous as the National Transportation Board recently launched an investigation of the Tesla autopilot crash that killed a man this year.
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Former Apple Engineers Get in On Aftermarket Goods for Used Cars
A group of former Apple engineers have launched an aftermarket back up camera that integrates into your phone and helps you avoid accidents while backing up.
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Top 5 Tech Features To Look For In Your Used Car — And How To Find Them
There are many used cars sporting features like Bluetooth, navigation, satellite radio, emergency braking assistance, and even adaptive cruise control.
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Your Used Car Can Still Be A Smart Connected Car
You might not know it, but your used car (ones after 1996) has an OBD-II port that can enable a lot of new tech with almost no effort — and very little expense.
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Want a High-Tech Used Car? Here’s What to Look For
It's easier and cheaper than you think to get some of the best tech in a used car with just a little bit more research while you are car shopping.
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Essential Apps for Car Ownership
Whether it’s security, directions, entertainment or maintenance, these apps will help make car ownership less stressful and more rewarding.
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