The Breaking Bad Effect on Used Cars

Used cars popularized by Breaking Bad are finding new life on the pre-owned market.

The Breaking Bad Effect on Used Cars
The Breaking Bad Effect

"While it’s been a few years since AMC’s Breaking Bad went off the air back in 2013, and some of us (ahem) are still catching up on the meth-lab inspired show (thanks Netflix), we couldn’t help but notice the cool cars in the show and just how hot they are on the used car market, today.

A study by Edmunds.com last week showed that millennials are snapping up Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek at a surprising rate. Yep, you read that right. The “ugliest car of all time,” is going for anywhere from $3,500 to $19,000 depending on the year you are looking at according to CarGurus.com.

Why, you ask? Well for one, let’s be completely honest here, if you can find an SUV today with half the features as the 2005 Aztek at the same price, you’ve found a unicorn. The Aztek came with four-wheel drive, a set of rear-seat radio controls, a bi-parting rear tailgate that flipped down to reveal two seats and cupholders molded into the plastic, and an optional, attached, pop-up tent and inflatable mattress if it had the camping package. GM called it a Sport Recreational Vehicle (move over Sports “Activity” Vehicles) and it really has all the bells and whistles you’d want.

Other great cars from AMC’s Breaking Bad include Jesse’s terrible (but so awesome) 1984 4-Wheel Drive Toyota Tercel. Yes, it looks junky, but back when they auctioned off the television show cars a few years ago, Jesse’s Tercel went for around $4,500—making it the most expensive 1984 Toyota Tercel in history. Oh—and the manual version has a low-range gear. Off-roading here we come!

Remember Skylar’s slightly beat up Jeep Grand Wagoneer—well according to Brett Berk over at Bloomberg Business, now is the time to snap up those gorgeous vintage cars. While finding one that doesn’t need a ton of work (the wood paneling can crack on the exterior, the power everything –including the tailgate window-can fail) can be tricky but the iconic wagon with retro style is totally worth it.

What about Walt’s Chrysler 300 SRT? It will be discontinued this year—which means in just a couple years time you too could be driving like Heinsenberg for a steal.

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