Welcome to Instamotor

Welcome to Instamotor

The way people buy and sell used cars is broken.

The process is stuck in the dark ages of the internet. Buyers are faced with scams, mechanically unsafe cars, and inefficient search functions.

At Instamotor, we see this as an opportunity; an opportunity to start over and create a place where every vehicle is free of mechanical defects, scams are non-existent, listing your car is a breeze, and test-drives with strangers are both safe and easy to schedule.

The Instamotor App makes creating a beautiful listing easy or browsing for your new ride a breeze. To protect your identity, we’ll even give you a unique phone number that works with your current phone. We keep an eye out to filter dealers, wholesalers, and everyone else who isn’t seriously interested in buying your car. Test drives can be scheduled within the app and if you ever need help, or anything goes wrong, we’re right here.

Basically, we thought of everything we would want when buying or selling a used car, and went out and built it. Our favorite part, though, is that we’re able to give you all this stuff for free. (Yes, free. No asterisk, no fine print, no catch.)

We also think that things normally exclusive to dealerships should be made available to private party sellers and buyers. That’s why we’re offering buyers service contracts and warranties to protect their vehicle and cover any mechanical breakdown later in the car’s life. We are also teaming up with different loan providers and insurance underwriters to get car buyers the best possible rates for both financing and auto insurance. Dealerships traditionally charge a premium for these services–it’s how they make most of their money. But by eliminating traditional overhead costs of a dealership, Instamotor is able to offer these benefits to buyers at much better rates.

But, to be honest, this is all just stuff we thought should have been happening in the used car market already. We think everyone can agree it’s about time buying and selling used cars was brought into the 21st century.

Welcome to a better way of doing business. Welcome to Instamotor.

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