Vehicle Recalls

Vehicle Recalls

Automakers recalled 64 million vehicles last year. Government data shows that 25 percent of car owners never get the necessary repair work done. Federal law requires that automakers contact vehicle owners to notify them of the repair, but the legislation doesn’t require automakers to track down the actual current owner if the vehicle has changed possession. In addition if you’ve moved you may miss the automakers notification via mail.

If you’re curious if your vehicle has been included in a recall, the government created, SaferCar.gov. Just enter your VIN number, found on the bottom of the driver’s side windshield or on the driver’s side door. If your vehicle is part of a recall, simply take your vehicle into a dealership for the necessary repairs. Below is an example of the recall information you may see:

Buyers may think that buying a used vehicle from a dealer means that all the necessary repairs have been performed. However, used car dealers are not required to fix or disclose recalls to buyers. This leads to a potentially dangerous and even deadly situation.

Here at Instamotor this lack of transparency doesn’t fly. As part of our background check we verify whether or not the vehicle is covered under a recall. Recalled vehicles can be taken back to the dealer to be fixed, free of charge. It’s something that all vehicle owners should inquire about, but here at Instamotor all buyers are notified of a pending recall. It’s a simple, free fix that makes all vehicles on the road safer.

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