The Best Automotive Accounts to Follow on Instagram

If you like photography, art, fast cars, slow cars, lifestyle, or fantasy, we narrowed down 10 of our favorites to help you organize your feed.

The Best Automotive Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is full of hundreds and thousands of pages of vehicular bliss. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming, and whether you’re an Instagram pro or just getting started, we curated some of our favorite automotive pages so you can get focus on the basics of your auto enthusiasm. If you like photography, art, fast cars, slow cars, lifestyle, or fantasy, we narrowed down 10 of our favorites to help you organize your feed. Start your engines.

Classic Car Club Manhattan - @cccmanhattan

One of the most special clubs on Earth and it’s located in New York City, New York. Classic Car Club Manhattan recently moved to a massive new 35,000 square-foot facility within Hudson River Park, and their Instagram page will continue to follow the transformation from NYPD horse stable to one of car culture’s greatest dominion inside Manhattan. Cars, heritage, events, and motor bliss rolled into one world-renowned club.

Petrolicious - @petrolicious

Curators of beautifully done historic vehicle documentaries and vintage style photography, Petrolicious provides automotive details on James Lipton levels and visuals that make you sweat. Their Instagram page provides quick snippets of a greater whole on their website, which will leave you dying for more. It’s motorcar heroin that will keep you coming back for more.

Capsule Racing - @capsuleracing

For the creative types, Capsule Racing brings you back to your childhood with wildly realistic tiny cars presented via vector art. It’s fun, creative, and lighthearted imagery that makes it thoroughly enjoyable to flip through the pages and pages of artwork. The highly detailed nature lends itself to authenticity, but the squished, toy scale ratio makes it connect with the pleasure centers of your brain. If you needed a kick to remind you why you loved cars, the Capsule Racing page will provide.

Period Correct - @periodcorrect

Sure they sell clothing out of their brick and mortar California clothing store, but Instagram is really just an excuse for them to post amazing pictures of beautiful cars, furniture and car-inspired threads. If you’re looking for clean photographs with a Bauhaus simplicity, Period Correct is a staple of the Instagram scroll. After days, weeks, and months of seeing how automotive lifestyle reflects their clothing and apparel, you’ll be tempted to buy, and you will. I know I did.

The Revs Institute for Automotive Research- @therevsinstitute

The Revs Institute is like the Library of Congress for automotive history. Based in Naples, Florida, they preserve a massive archive of books, photographs, documents, and even hundreds of historically important automobiles built between 1896 and 1995 for public display and knowledge consumption. With a full time restoration staff and curators, The Revs Institute is always pumping out great content through their channel.

Matt Hummel - @hummul

Sort of Lewis and Clark rolled into one Porsche pioneer, Matt Hummel is takes his 1956 Porsche 356 wherever the wind blows. By bringing his 356 everywhere, you’re transported back in time when everyone used their automobile to traverse large swaths of land; making a new adventure everyday and exploring some of America’s most beautiful landscapes. If road trips, thrills, and the unknown get you excited, Hummul is your man.

Chris Labrooy - @chrislabrooy

Graphic illustrator and surrealist designer, Chris Labrooy, doesn’t specifically focus on automotive art. However, when he does, the results are mind-blowing and thought provoking. Using computer animations and serious ingenuity, Labrooy is able to make cars appear in impossible situations or position, but somehow make them work into a cohesive story. His designs and illustrations really make you think a bit longer than a conventional photograph.

Tax Rich - @taxtherich100

While Tax the Rich doesn’t post that often, when they do it’s usually pretty spectacular. As anonymous as they are synonymous, TTR plays with million-dollar cars (Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, Bugattis) like normal people do with Toyotas. Taking Rolls-Royce luxury cars through massive fields, Bugattis through the dirt, and irreplaceable Ferraris used as wakeboard tow machines. If you’re looking for automotive debauchery of a higher caliper, TTR will satisfy your primordial needs.

Power Slide Lover - @powerslidelover

His photos and videos are filled with seemingly endless automotive fun as this mysterious magnate travels the globe with his band of supercars in tow. Power Slide Lover makes a point to do things that would normally cause most people to quiver. Such as take a multi-million dollar Ferrari LaFerrari and slide it through mountain passes. This is automotive fantasy of a higher level and it’s highly contagious.

Petersen Automotive Museum- @petersenmuseum

On the other side of the country from the Revs Institute, the Petersen Automotive Museum recently just completed one of the most beautiful museum recreations of the automobile in the world. Following the transformation, the Petersen Museum guides you through automotive history via their Instagram with weird, quirky, fast, historically relevant cars that will leave you hankering to get on the first plane to Los Angeles.

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