Rideshare Drivers: Here's What Makes a Five Star Ride

We surveyed rideshare passengers to find out what makes for a good and bad rideshare driver.

Rideshare Drivers: Here's What Makes a Five Star Ride

Between bad (and dangerous) drivers and smelly cars, we know not every ride is a five star ride. So what makes a good rideshare driver? What makes riders flip and what makes them tip?

To find out, we surveyed 600 frequent rideshare users to find out about their rating, reporting and tipping habits.

Rating and Reporting Drivers

How often do you rate your driver?
Always 34%
Most of the time 35%
Sometimes 25%
Rarely 4%
Never 2%

What reasons do you give drivers bad ratings?
Unsafe driving 27%
Unprofessional behavior (rude or inappropriate) 27%
Having a smelly car 23%
Poor navigation 15%
Overly talkative/Not talkative enough 7%
Other 1%

Nearly 7 in 10 riders rate their drivers at least most of the time. Unsafe driving and unprofessional behavior tie for the top reason riders give drivers poor ratings (27%), followed by bad smelling cars (23%).

Only 22% of riders have reported a driver to Uber, however millennials are more slightly more likely to report. More than a quarter (26%) of millennial riders have reported a driver, compared to just 17% of GenXers.

Tipping Drivers

More than 1 in 3 riders (35%) say they always tip their driver, but millennials are less likely to tip. A whopping 92% of GenXers tip at least sometimes, compared to 88% of Millennials.
Women are more likely to tip— 92% of women say they tip at least sometimes, compared to 85% of men*
50% of riders say they tip as long as nothing was “bad” about the ride.

GenX riders care more about arriving quickly and safely, while millennials have more appreciation for good conversation and free items such as water or gum.

What reasons would you tip a driver?
Driver got me to my destination quickly and safely

  • 29% Millennials
  • 34% GenXers

Driver was friendly and had good conversation

  • 30% Millennials
  • 25% GenXers

Driver had free items in the car

  • 12% Millennials
  • 9% GenXers

I tip as long as nothing was “bad” about the ride

  • 23% Millennials
  • 28% GenXers

*Previously we reported that "92% of women say they always tip" this was a mistake and has been updated.


We surveyed 600 frequent rideshare users (at least once per month) in the U.S. about their experiences via the survey platform Pollfish. The survey was conducted Jan. 5, 2017.

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