Instamotor Launches Recall Check™

Instamotor Launches Recall Check™

Open and unfixed manufacturer recalls are a public safety hazard. At Instamotor we pride ourselves on being a safe and trusted marketplace to buy a private-party vehicle. Recall Check™ is designed to inform buyers and sellers of an open recall and even offers directions on how to remedy the situation with your local dealer.

Vehicles in the used car market can change hands multiple times and manufacturers might not have the current owners available information. Currently, there is no legal requirement for individual sellers or dealers to inform buyers the vehicle is subject to a recall. Using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s publicly available data, Instamotor becomes the first car marketplace to proactively check each vehicle and alert car buyers and sellers of an open recall for free.

In addition, looked at 1,000 private-party listings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of the key findings:
· 16.2% of all vehicles listed have at least one open recall
· 20.8% of vehicles within the 2005-2009 model year range have at least one open recall
· 11.5% of vehicles within the 2010-2014 model year range have at least one open recall

The Recall Check™ feature is prominent on each vehicle listing page. Below are the screenshots of the feature in the Instamotor App.

We hope that everyone with a recall notification takes the necessary steps to remedy the issue, after all it’s always free to have a recall fixed and could potentially save your life!

Are you looking for a mechanically safe and fraud free vehicle? Browse our selection of thoroughly checked vehicles today!

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