Instamotor's Fraud & Safety Team

Determining whether a vehicle is a scam can feel overwhelming. Here at Instamotor we have created a thorough process to filter out scams and fraud and only verify vehicles that pass our tests.

Instamotor's Fraud & Safety Team

You won’t find a scam on Instamotor

Determining whether a vehicle is a scam can feel overwhelming. Looking for a vehicle isn’t something you do everyday and it feels like there can be hidden scams at every turn. Here at Instamotor we have created a thorough process to filter out scams and fraud and only verify vehicles that pass our tests. On top of doing all the legwork to ensure the vehicle is as described, we also offer a free CarFax and free inspection for additional peace of mind. Buying a used car has never felt better.

Fraud & Safety Team Checks:

1. Odometer Consistency: We verify to make sure there is no odometer inconsistency or rollback in the CarFax as well as compare the last reading of the odometer to the listing mileage. According to CarFax 1 in 10 vehicles has a rolled back odometer and every year Americans lose over $1 billion to odometer fraud according to NHTSA. When it does take place an average of 50,000 is wiped off the odometer. We protect our customers and block all vehicles that have odometer fraud.

2. Lemon History: When a vehicle has major issues and is repurchased by the manufacturer it will be marked as a lemon by the state. Thousands of vehicles each year are bought back by auto manufacturers, we ban these vehicles from Instamotor.

3. Branded Title: According to CarFax the number of vehicles with salvage titles increased by 50% in recent years. A vehicle gets a salvage title when the cost of repairing it is between 50-90% of its pre-damaged value. More than 1 million totaled cars are rebuilt and put back on roads every year. Scammers can make large profits by hiding the fact that a car has a salvage title. They may also make cheap repairs that put your safety at risk. These vehicles are banned by Instamotor.

4. Structural Damage: Structural damage occurs when any part of the vehicle which is part of the main body or frame is damaged. Even minor damage to the frame can impact the structural integrity of a vehicle. Structural damage is very concerning, because it affects occupant safety if a vehicle is involved in an accident. In addition to weeding out vehicles with structural damage, Instamotor also offers a free inspection for complete peace of mind. A certified mechanic can sign off on structural integrity.

5. Total Loss: An insurance company can declare a vehicle as a total loss even if the damage is insufficient to warrant a salvage title. Vehicles declared a total loss by an insurance company are banned by Instamotor.

6. Airbag Deployment: Vehicles that are involved in an accident in which an airbag has deployed are banned by Instamotor. Each year more than 75,000 airbags are stolen from cars and sold to dishonest mechanics who use them to replace airbags in totaled cars. The California Highway Alliance found that 1 in 25 previously damaged vehicles had fake or dummy airbag systems. You won’t find vehicles with an airbag that has been deployed in our listings.

7. Commercial Usage: Vehicles are registered and used for a variety of reasons including taxis, rental, and commercial use. A vehicle may appear to check out, but wear and tear on vehicles used for commercial purposes takes its toll. We do a mileage breakdown per year to determine if the mileage driven is in excess of normal wear and tear. We also screen for vehicles used for on-demand businesses, which aren’t technically classified as commercial, but are driven over what is considered acceptable.

8. Recalls: Recalls are a public safety hazard. Twenty-five percent of all vehicles on the road have a pending recall. We take recalls seriously and open recalls are displayed prominently in each vehicle listing. You can read all about our recall process here.

Instamotor’s Fraud & Safety Team meticulously combs through each vehicle before it gets listed. As a buyer you can browse verified vehicles and buy with confidence. In addition, our free inspection is a final sign off that the vehicle you’re purchasing is mechanically safe.

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