Instamotor COO Featured On Tech and Startup Podcast

Mar 22, 2017

Today, our Co-Founder and COO Val Gui caught up with writer and podcast host Ronny Kerr on his SpareMin channel, which focuses on tech, startups, and the business world. Ronny asked Val about what Instamotor has been up to and what's in store for the company's future.

Here is a summary of some of what was discussed:

Bloomberg's Nod To Instamotor

Ronny was first introduced to Instamotor when he saw us on Bloomberg's list of 50 Most Promising Startups You've Never Heard Of. Val jokingly admitted that while being included on the list can be seen as a "backhanded compliment", it was nonetheless a nice nod to the hard work our company is doing.

What's Next For Instamotor?

Currently in the auto space, offering financing within private party marketplaces is a challenge. We are crossing our t's and dotting our i's to soon be able to offer financing within Instamotor to add to the ease and convenience of using our platform. Stayed tuned for more about that!

Will Craiglist Live Forever?

Like Instamotor, Craigslist is a free way for auto buyers and sellers to connect so needless to say, many private party transactions currently take place there. The team here at Instamotor is confident that we have a leg up on Craigslist because we offer trust, safety, and convenience that they can't match.

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