5 Tips to Buying a Car Safely Online

Scams like odometer rollback, faulty airbags, and vehicles with salvage titles endangers driver safety and the safety of others. Follow these buyers tips if you're shopping for a car online.

5 Tips to Buying a Car Safely Online
Is it Time to Buy a Car?

Last year more than 42m used vehicles were sold in the US and everyday in the Bay Area approximately one thousand people buy and sell used cars online in the private party market. Fraud costs consumers billions of dollars each year with life-threatening consequences. Scams like odometer rollback, faulty airbags, and selling vehicles with salvage and branded titles endangers driver safety and the safety of others. Because purchasing a vehicle isn’t an everyday experience, it’s difficult to spot these scams.

The Instamotor App makes the process of buying and selling a car simple and safe. Instamotor’s Fraud & Safety team carefully pre-screens each vehicle for fraud and safety issues, which includes odometer rollback, structural damage, branded titles, airbag deployment, vehicle registration, lemon history, total loss history, and commercial usage.

Tips for Buying a Car Safely Online:
  • Buy on sites that require a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
    The VIN is a vehicle’s fingerprint and is vital for tracking a vehicle’s life – its use, misuse and demise. Instamotor’s unique algorithm screens for vehicle fraud and safety beyond traditional vehicle history reports, free of charge.

  • Review the listing and Ask Questions: Review photos and features within the listing and ask sellers why they are selling their vehicle and if they can provide maintenance and service records. Someone who is honest will give you a full history.

  • Meet at a public spot, during the day: It’s best to view a vehicle during the day to see if there are any dings or uneven paint and test drive the vehicle on a pre-determined route. Tell friends and family where you’ll be and trust your instincts – many local police stations offer meet-up zones for safe transactions.

  • Get a mechanical inspection: We always recommend a mechanical inspection by a certified mechanic as putting a vehicle up on a lift is the only way to uncover hidden issues. Instamotor can also recommend shops for which we have negotiated 50% discounted rates in available markets.

  • Clarify that the vehicle’s owner has the title in-hand: Verify the seller’s driver’s license matches the name on the title during your transaction

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