The 7 Best Driving Games For Your iPhone

The app stores are saturated with driving games and it's hard to know which ones to get. Luckily through rigorous testing we've found the best ones.

The 7 Best Driving Games For Your iPhone

There are lots of games to play on your iPhone, and with the way, technology has gone they’re only getting better and more intricate. For the people who like racing games or just excellent games in general that offer a lot of fun for next to no money, we’ve made a list of the games we decided were the best on the current market. We’ve evaluated them based on control schemes, graphics, how well they run, and how they are unique. Lots of research was completed in order to properly know how to rate each game, and there were a few that didn’t make the cut, but here are the ones that did.

Pako Racing

Pako Racing offers a different kind of driving experience, with unique and simple controls, and a not-so-easy goal: avoid the police. You start out in a map of your choosing (racetrack, parking lot, freeway etc) and once the game starts your car will move forward. There are no gas or brake buttons, but there are two directions, left and right. Pressing either of these will make your car do a dramatic sharp turn in the direction you choose, but since it’s an overhead view the game can be a bit backward. It’s challenging, fun, and with a variety of vehicles to choose from, including a sports bike, Pako Racing keeps you on your toes. It’s not free, but it’s cheap and the fun you have as a result is worth the $1.99 price tag.

F1 Race Stars

For those of you who aren’t aware, Formula 1 is often referred to as the premier class of motor racing. The ultimate goal for open-wheel race car drivers, F1 is a worldwide event appearing in 19-21 different countries depending on the season and is draped in prestige, as it showcases arguably the best drivers on the planet, and the opportunity to race against them. F1 Race Stars takes those cars and drivers, converts them into cartoons and gives them weapons. In other words, F1 Race Stars is Formula 1 Mario Kart. It’s quick, has lots of upgrades and speed boosts available along with several weapons you can use against other competitors. Plus you can’t beat that free price tag.

Hill Climb 1 and 2

If you’re into physics-based games the Hill Climb series is worth looking into. You start out with a jeep that is painfully slow, but as you drive through hills and mountains and very steep freeways you can get upgrades for your car and even unlock more vehicles of different varieties, from a dirt bike to a Moonlander. Hill Climb 2 is the same game, but it’s taken the first iteration and turned it into a race, which adds to the excitement. Unfortunately, the vehicles don’t have roofs, so if you manage to flip the car over it’ll effectively end your run and you’ll have to start over. But with some patience and practice, the endless fun of this series can be unlocked. Give it a look especially since it’s free.

Real Racing 3

We’re at possibly the best mobile racing game ever made that doesn’t have cartoon aesthetics. Real Racing 3 has exceptional graphics for a mobile device, runs very smoothly, has an impressive variety of modern cars, is updated consistently, it has a great control scheme that’s easy to learn, you race against lap times that other people around the world have set, and best part of all it’s completely free. Of course, you can pay real money for certain cars, but there’s never a time when the game forces you to put up real cash in order to advance.

Asphalt Series

Asphalt is an aggressive, jagged pure street racing game. Unlike Real Racing which happens on a race track, Asphalt happens on city streets, offers upgrades and lots of different cars. Steering is a little rough, but the game is forgiving with ample supply of boosts strewn around the race event, and you can get a knockdown bonus for crashing into other drivers. It’s reminiscent of old Need For Speed console (and PC) video games, but in the palm of your hand and at zero charges.

Thumb Drift

For the drift enthusiast, nothing comes close to Thumb Drift in terms of simplicity and fun. All you need to do is steer the rear end of the car with your thumb, and it automatically initiates a drift. The challenge comes when the car goes faster and faster, and since the track is randomly generated you need to be quick if you’re going to survive. It’s an endless game, so go as far as you can before hitting a wall. The farther you go, the more cars you can unlock. It’s a free game so go check it out.

CSR Series

Some people like road racing or drifting, or climbing hills or running from police cars. That’s all well and good, but what about for the purist who just wants to go fast in a sweet car? CSR Racing is exactly what the doctor ordered. This series features all kinds of fast cars that you can upgrade, is simple in the way of pressing a button to shift at the right time, runs well and looks good. It’s a free game and has plenty to offer if all you want is a simple game with fast cars.

These games were all simple and easy to play yet challenging in their own right. Above all, they are a ton of fun, and that’s the most important thing when deciding what game to spend your time on.

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